Which sensitivity value feels most "realistic"

Just wondering what everyone uses for yoke sensitivity for GA aircrafts and airliners? I find the GA aircrafts extremely sensitive and touchy so I’m not sure what feels right. My sensitivity settings are -50 for both axis’ for both GA and airliners. Any thoughts?

It’s difficult to give you an actual answer unfortunately. The controls curves and sensitivity options are pretty poor. It seems the controls are essentially a direct port from fsx, which had the same issue. Back in the day I used to use fsuipc for control inputs as it was far superior. Would really like asobo to look at the xplane controls and dcs control mapping and create something similar.

Additional note - in the cockpit the control column doesn’t move 1:1 with your controls. No clue why, no real reason given. Other than that’s the same as fsx…

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All the developers I’ve seen all say their aircraft are designed with sensitivity curves set to 0.

I changed to this format quite some time ago when I read these reports from developers, and have been happy ever since.

Are planes still somewhat twitchy in some flight regimes, especially on takeoff, yes. Pretty much all planes, especially taildraggers, who’s CG is behind the main wheels, exhibit a sudden hard turn at close to takeoff speed. Asobo has said this is due to their tire traction model, which is only either on or off. Essentially, as soon as traction turns to off, the wind and other forces overtake all, suddenly, hence the issue. They are working on it, and I think said they hope to improve it by SU7 in one of the Developer Q&A’s. One way to help avoid the sudden turn, to a degree, is to feed in a little extra up elevator trim. And, avoid strong crosswinds if you can.

The good news on that front is since SU5, it seems like airport ATC now sends you to the correct runway based on wind direction… yay!.. At least it has for me a couple of times when there has been wind. Hasn’t been much wind around here as of late.

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