Which Third Party Aircraft will be in the XBOX Version?

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Will we see some good Aircraft from the PC-Version also in the XBOX Version? Like the FBW A320NX a pmdg or another Airliners with a good system depth . I mean some XBOX Players are also interested on such Airliners how i have described.


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The CRJ will probably be there. To be honest most of the planes on the marketplace I expect to be on Xbox as well.

Any Aircraft that is in the markeplace. PMDG will come in the markeplace.

Every aircraft wich have LOD.

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Aerosoft confirmed that its upcoming twin otter will be on PC and Xbox.

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I imagine that any 3rd party aircraft which is presently available in the marketplace will need to be available to Xbox users without exception.
I also imagine that plenty of developers are looking forward to the added user base that the Xbox release will bring.

It is upto the third party developers to make that determination. Third party devs are given a choice whether to make the product available on PC or Xbox or both.


At the moment, as far as I know, the twin Otter is the only one explicitly confirmed. I wouldn’t make assumptions on any other unless their developers have confirmed support.

Which Third Party Aircraft will be in the XBOX Version ?

LOADED question. My understanding is:-

( please correct me if I am mistaken,— I do not have an X-Box)

I would suspect: by default NONE.

Then Xbox users will be able to add any 3rd party Planes that is on the MS-STORE, either there as a FREE Plane , or any Payware Plane, that they purchase on the MS-store.

Once they have access to a given plane, they should be able to manage if that Planes is installed in their X-BOX, by deleting it, with the ability to re-download it.

There will be no option to install a plane from any other website (except the MS-Store), or direct from a 3rd party developer, because the only way will be though the Ms-Store.

Unlike the PC version, were on is free to view folders, and move planes around, etc, the X-Box is “Locked Down”, and will not allow user to move files (Planes) around. ??

As Spider-man would say :- “With the great power of the X-box, comes limited responsibilities

Thanks Guys for the many answers. But will we see in the XBOX Version also Liveries for the Airliners like American Airlines etc. Or will we see only the Standard liveries? If we only should have the Standard liveries, i have to wait for normal video card prices to build a pc and purchase the pc version of msfs 2020.:airplane:

Developers are indeed given the choice as to whether their products are available for download on PC and X-Box, so it’s all down to how generous developers feel about this.

My personal feeling is that if a customer has purchased an airplane of mine for PC, and then they get the X-Box version of MSFS, then they should also have access to it there, so all my aircraft will be available for both PC and X-Box versions of the sim. I can’t speak for any other devs though.

X-Box and Marketplace PC purchases are all mostly “locked down” and therefore much harder to modify than those purchased on third-party stores.


Will addons be crossbuy? If I own it on pc in game store I’ll have it on Xbox?

Yes, they will be - if you purchased them via the MS Store (Marketplace).

Anything purchased on Steam, for example, won’t be compatible with XBOX.

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What do you mean steam addons won’t show up in Xbox? Do you mean just the premium and Deluxe bonus content? Because the only thing we can buy on steam besides that is flight credits which are then redeemed from the in game msfs store

Ahh okay, I’m just going by what the devs mentioned in the last several Q+As - that purchases won’t carry over from Steam to the XBOX version. They mentioned that any addon purchases on the Steam version of the game won’t be able to move over to XBOX as they are two separate marketplaces. I don’t have the Steam version so I have no personal experience with this, just commented based on what the devs have mentioned.

Can you point me at the page where PMDG says they will have their aircraft in the marketplace? I am not sure that the XBox meets the minimum hardware requirements for PMDG study-level aircraft, particularly the 737NG. I also saw a video on YouTube last night and the upshot was that XBox ‘renders’ in much lower resolution than 4K then “upscales” to 4K, a sort-of ‘workaround’, iow, not rendering in true 4K resolution. Which makes sense as the hardware in the XB series X while ‘latest gen’ is far from the top-end CPU/GPU combos available in the PC world. In simple math, the sheer number of pixels on a 4K display dwarfs 1080p or 1440. Being able to render each and every one of those millions of pixels at even 30 fps is something I don’t think the XB series X can do ‘natively’. I had purchased the XB-X but returned it to the retailer within 15 days. I was not going to risk being outside the return window only to discover the ‘reality’ of a gaming console would not live up to a mid- to high-end PC experience. That and the fact that XB cannot handle sim-connect apps e.g. ‘foreflight’.

I guess I will wait until it releases on Xbox before I buy anymore DLC. It will be the deciding factor on whether Microsoft gets any more of my money for DLC or whether I switch to store.flightsim or simmarket. I suppose I could just install the microsoft gamepass version on windows 10 now and see if all of my purchases still show up. I don’t see why not though because the steam version still requires you to login to an Xbox account to make purchases.


Thanks for sharing this link. This is great news for XBOX users of MSFS2020!! Let’s hope other third party aircraft/mods move over to the marketplace.

It’s worth noting though, as has been stated, that just because an aircraft is on the Marketplace doesn’t meant it will be compatible with Xbox. Some products may only work for PC.