Which Third Party Aircraft will be in the XBOX Version?

Developers are indeed given the choice as to whether their products are available for download on PC and X-Box, so it’s all down to how generous developers feel about this.

My personal feeling is that if a customer has purchased an airplane of mine for PC, and then they get the X-Box version of MSFS, then they should also have access to it there, so all my aircraft will be available for both PC and X-Box versions of the sim. I can’t speak for any other devs though.

X-Box and Marketplace PC purchases are all mostly “locked down” and therefore much harder to modify than those purchased on third-party stores.


Will addons be crossbuy? If I own it on pc in game store I’ll have it on Xbox?

Yes, they will be - if you purchased them via the MS Store (Marketplace).

Anything purchased on Steam, for example, won’t be compatible with XBOX.

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What do you mean steam addons won’t show up in Xbox? Do you mean just the premium and Deluxe bonus content? Because the only thing we can buy on steam besides that is flight credits which are then redeemed from the in game msfs store

Ahh okay, I’m just going by what the devs mentioned in the last several Q+As - that purchases won’t carry over from Steam to the XBOX version. They mentioned that any addon purchases on the Steam version of the game won’t be able to move over to XBOX as they are two separate marketplaces. I don’t have the Steam version so I have no personal experience with this, just commented based on what the devs have mentioned.

Can you point me at the page where PMDG says they will have their aircraft in the marketplace? I am not sure that the XBox meets the minimum hardware requirements for PMDG study-level aircraft, particularly the 737NG. I also saw a video on YouTube last night and the upshot was that XBox ‘renders’ in much lower resolution than 4K then “upscales” to 4K, a sort-of ‘workaround’, iow, not rendering in true 4K resolution. Which makes sense as the hardware in the XB series X while ‘latest gen’ is far from the top-end CPU/GPU combos available in the PC world. In simple math, the sheer number of pixels on a 4K display dwarfs 1080p or 1440. Being able to render each and every one of those millions of pixels at even 30 fps is something I don’t think the XB series X can do ‘natively’. I had purchased the XB-X but returned it to the retailer within 15 days. I was not going to risk being outside the return window only to discover the ‘reality’ of a gaming console would not live up to a mid- to high-end PC experience. That and the fact that XB cannot handle sim-connect apps e.g. ‘foreflight’.

I guess I will wait until it releases on Xbox before I buy anymore DLC. It will be the deciding factor on whether Microsoft gets any more of my money for DLC or whether I switch to store.flightsim or simmarket. I suppose I could just install the microsoft gamepass version on windows 10 now and see if all of my purchases still show up. I don’t see why not though because the steam version still requires you to login to an Xbox account to make purchases.


Thanks for sharing this link. This is great news for XBOX users of MSFS2020!! Let’s hope other third party aircraft/mods move over to the marketplace.

It’s worth noting though, as has been stated, that just because an aircraft is on the Marketplace doesn’t meant it will be compatible with Xbox. Some products may only work for PC.

A 3D model does not consist of pixels, but of geometry (vertices, edges and surfaces), and then textures and/or shaders applied to that. Those are then rendered into pixels. The Xbox series X supports 4K, 3840 x 2160, over 8 million pixels. At various frame rates. “millions of pixels at 30 fps” is no problem at alll. It is not the number of pixels that is a problem, but how complicated the geometry, textures, and shaders are from which the pixels are calculated.

No one should get their hopes up for cross platform dlc. I installed the windows version on msfs and none of my dlc appeared. Achievements, logbook data, and all in game store bought dlc is not connected between the version. At least on pc I can just move the dlc between folders. I was hoping to sit on my couch and play the game (with all of my dlc) on Xbox as an arcade style game as opposed to sim on my pic.

So many bad notions of this game people expecting this people expecting that - it is what it is it is a true achievement on a grand scale no matter what anyone labels it as -

And also to add - any 3rd party developer who chooses to port there simware over to the Xbox version will obviously need to be tested by asobo to make sure it is stable because that’s a number 1 priority as stated by Jorg or the other bloke can’t exactly remember which of the three on one of the latest dev streams - where he also said that the team at asobo is currently very hard at work testing all these 3rd party add-ons on the console version which is Sim update 5 if I believe - and that many great developers have already signed on with plenty of their products -

So dean I have an Xbox and NSF’s but no pc so how can I get your planes to work on Xbox and buy them :pray:

Are you sure about this?

The MSFS Update process - the digital equivalent of a Rube Goldberg Machine? - #24 by CptLucky8

That’s going to put a whole extra load on Asobo Resources. !!

Here is an Idea (obviously I am not a developer for X-Box, or I would not say this)

Since developers of X-Box addons are going to make Money on the Market, should they not be CHARGED by ASOBO/MS for the “testing and Certification” of their product for X-Box !! :sunglasses:

Those making FREE products might need to be dealt with differently – since neither they or MS are going to be making any profit from those products on the store.

Remember, at the end of the day, it really all boils down to $$$$ & Profits – lets not keep kidding ourselves that is anything else.

Let’s not kidding ourselves about paying Microsoft for reviewing the add-ons vendors are pushing to the market place: they are already taking a 30% cut off every sale which I believe is paying them already isn’t it? Paying them for this among other things:

PS: just to make my comment above clear: I don’t care at all about the Market Place review process and whether vendors are pushing to market defective products in general, to each is own. But I do care about the community crying out loud about such low level of quality in the market place products while they are refusing RXP to sell any product on the market place, stalling our application since Aug. 2020, for libelous reasons.

I thought you would jump on that one !!!

Yes, they are already taking 30% - but I am sure they would love to take more, if they could justify it.

My main point was, with all the work that Asobo has to do to fix and develop MSFS, adding “Ms_Store” testing is just one more resource hog.

But then, is it ASOBO that needs to test products for the MS-Store ?
NO !! It should be MS - It’s their store.

Funded from the MS store’s 30%, it should be quite possible to have a MS “test team” that test new, and updates of products for the MS store.

"Should be " ?? - like so many thing MSFS :+1:

Well here is an interesting debate:

  • In North America, customer support is nearly always 1 800 number (free to call).
  • In France, customer support is nearly always a pay-per-minute number.

In North America is is considered as a competitive advantage and they do their best to lower the waiting time, and inform you of the waiting time. In France they consider this a cost center, and it can take more often than not more than 10 minutes prior reaching someone… (the more you wait, the more you pay them)

Who’s is giving the best customer service between the two in general though…

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Just have to wait for Microsoft to clear them onto the X-Box basically, it takes a while. Stearman is already there, F-15s should be soon, as will F-14 Tomcats