White dot visible since (fixed on PC beta

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This is definitely the bug I am having, but somehow it only ever happens to me when flying the Hjet. Makes no freaking sense. I thought I fixed it by adding a deadzone to my rudder toe brakes cause there was a slight bit of noise, but tonight it happened again worse than ever even though I added that deadzone.

Do you have the latest build and switched the new toggles?

Does the issue go away entirely if you unplug your rudder pedals?

Are you enrolled in the sim update 13 beta?

Thanks very much. At least one problem solved. I was going to reinstall MSFS, because of it. One problem solved, now the stability issue :frowning:

No, not in beta. I think I may have fixed the problem now by disabling the thumb stick on my throttle I was using for an extra view bind, which I pretty much never use I just wanted to bind it to something. Its been a flaky axis for a while. I never notice it drift as long as im not actually using it, but have done 3 flights since I disabled it and the lost mouse cursor thing hasn’t happened since

I have only recently encountered this white dot on 1.33.8 win10
no controllers. Only saitek stuff on PC.
D-PAD control is switched off in options. (not sure if this is relevant).
Not sure exaxctly how it starts (seems a bit random) but moving the cockpit view around the arrow cursor suddenly starts to flicker and the white dot intermittedly appears centre screen.
This has only been happening since I am using Spacedesk to run LittleNavmap on a tablet.
So no idea how it starts but the way I get rid of it is easy:
F12 and then RESUME and the arrow cursor is again stable and no white dot.
So whatever RESUME does, fixes it for me.

Hi, did you find a fix for this issue? I’m experiencing the same for a while.

Anyone found a fix for this issue please help? I’m on PC. White dot, cursor and white outline on the PFD/ ND and difficulty in manipulating switches and knobs via the cursor.

The beta testers are reporting the white dot is fixed in the soon to be released SU13. Not sure about the white square issue, though.

Square and dot go together. The fix is to wait until SU13 is released and then turn the dot off using the new options. It if you really can’t wait for a few bits 6 days then install the beta now.

I’m on xbox series x and can tell you that the latest beta version is really running well for me.
I can also back up that the white dot and highlighted panels/white square issues are fixed.


White dot will be fixed in SU13 that is slated to drop later this month.

today the white dot makes it impossible to control the aircraft A320 FBW/ When is this issue going to be fixed?? Please. Today is worse than ever, can not press anything with the mouse. It is almost impossible. Please, please fix. Thank you


literally one post above


I had the white dot flashing real bad but just totally eliminated it by increasing dead zone for my old CH rudder pedals. With all the talk about peripherals I checked and noticed alot of noise/jitter with my pedals. White dot issue is totally gone now but I still have the mouse random freezing in VR (which I was hoping was related to the white dot). Very frustrating… hitting the right mouse button will usually help though.

i have a white dot on my screen when panning around.

Are you participating in the beta SU13?