Who of you hace a motion rig for flight simming?

Yes as he said, it varies a lot depending on what you go for.
Some seats pull 600W in terms of power, and some pull enough to require an industrial sized plug to be installed, Though for hobbyist use unless you’re making a real 777 cockpit, probably will be closer to household power.

Weight depends on the holding torque of the motors/linear actuators used and so also varies a lot. Some of the smaller seats have a max weight of 100kg before the motors start stalling, and the more “commerical home use” platforms are closer to 250kg etc. This becomes important when you think of yourself + your monitors, equipment, and anything else you want moving on the seat with you.

Research is definitely the first step to finding what would suit your criteria, either way, cost isn’t going to be your friend unless you make it yourself, and if you’re on a cost budget that’s likely going to involve using car window motors like this guy:

My DIY 2DOF Motion Platform for MSFS - adding a whole new immersion level to VR, on a budget - VIDEO - General Discussion & Community Support / Virtual Reality (VR) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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