Who’s running smooth video

Just wondering what non liquid cooled systems you people are running with high graphic settings.


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I’m running this sim with stock clock stock cooler, 1080p capped at 35 fps, with custom Ultra-High-Medium settings.

Medium only for grass or tree.
High for most part, like building, water, texture, vector, etc.
Ultra for clouds and offscreen terrain pre-caching.

100% render scaling, 125% LOD.

i7 6700, 16GB RAM, GTX 1660 SUPER.
temperature 60-70C.

Smooth so far with some stutter on approach/landing.

So it’s actually not smooth.
Especially on final and during landing stutters are the worst immersion and realism killers.


During landing, it may be stutter free if I use small/GA aircraft.
Confidently 100% stutter during landing when use airliners.

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Can’t be 100% stutter free with DX11 even on a 3090. Hopefully we’ll have a big improvement with DX12.

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Yea hopefully I have a RTX 3070 i7-9700 16GB Ram

What? 100% stutter free here.
Simply reduce your graphic settings if that’s not the case and if a stutter free experience is more important than eye candy.


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I run a 3090 and a Ryzen 9 5950x and was 100% stutter free until SU6. With every setting maxed out, and LOD at 200. Stutter free. If I crank LOD to 400. I start to get ocassional. Nothing consistant or bothersome just if I snap the head around quickly (using track IR).

Sorry but whats SU6?


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The latest MSFS update.

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SU = Sim Update

Current Version is SU6.

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I was running an Asus Tuff 3090 OC with its standard air cooler at ultra settings. Performance in sim was pretty good but I wasn’t at all happy with the performance of the cooler, especially the memory junction temp.

I swapped out the air cooler for an EK waterblock for GPU and an additional MP5Works waterblock to sit on the backplate and cool the memory.
It runs incredibly cool now even under load.
Performance remained outstanding.
(Although I’ve just moved home so I have not installed or tested the SU6 update.)

If you want smoothness and are running a g-sync monitor, try out these settings (copied from another forum):

  1. Standard (what has been suggested in the past): run with G-Sync enabled in NVCP + V-Sync set in NVCP + frames limited to monitor refresh rate -3 in NVCP / external limiter

  2. Simpler: run with G-Sync enabled in NVCP + V-Sync set to Fast in NVCP + Low Latency Mode set to Ultra in NVCP (automatically limits frames; note that this is not compatible with DX12)

  3. Simplest: run with G-Sync enabled in NVCP + V-Sync set in MSFS + frames limited in MSFS

Why YOU Should use G-Sync and VSync Together with a Frame Limiter. - YouTube