Why A310-300 having low fps at 25fps?

Hi all,

I’m not sure anyone of you encountered low fps such as 25fps for A310-300 , which my PMDG 737-700 having high fps at 54fps at the same airport. Please advise…

B/Regards…Alex Ooi


Same here, especially with the showcase cam on the runway. Feels jittery the whole flight. As much as I like the other additions, 310 needs some tuning for sure. There was some talk about this on launch day, moderator said they were looking into in (fps issues)
PMDG meanwhile is glorious. And has been good from the beginning.

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We ask that people please use Community Support instead of General Discussion for issues on first-party things like the A310. I have moved your topic there.

I see the same thing. I am getting more like 35fps in the 737-700 but maybe 18-20fps in the A310. If I am just learning the systems and not planning to fly I found it helps to spawn at a grass strip in the middle of nowhere instead of a major airport to boost the FPS.

iniBuilds is aware of this FPS issue and is investigating. This quote is from their forum and it is also being actively discussed on their Discord:

“We have identified an issue that somehow some users WASM is not compiling and is in DEBUG.
This is not intended, and we have sent a message to MS/Asobo.
Some people have found some workarounds, but this is still under investigation.
Like the PMDG, the A310 is a WASM aircraft, so should take at least some time to load in. If you are loading in <60 seconds something has gone wrong and could explain your poor FPS.
This is an ongoing investigation, so we request your patience, and be sure that we will get this resolved for you as soon as we can.
Those with good FPS and normal operation, please guide anyone struggling here to this note / our discord thread.”

I assume there are optimisations that can be made, the cabin isn’t being rendered and the textures are below the Asobo standard so the performance must be related to the aircraft systems or simulation.
I think the most resource intensive add on i have is the 146 which has no issues running 60fps at high altitude, but the A310 at 30,000ft is at 35fps, no clouds.

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For now fly A310/300 is impossible to me (i78700K@5.00 Ghz/3080 RTX/32 Gb RAM). Horrible FPS. Waiting for updates from now on.

WOW! The posts here are from way back. I fly the PMDG 737-700. Great FPS. Nearly into March 2023 and only recently started flying this. What can I say like:

1 Jerky and stuttering
2. Very prone to CTD
3. Can’t be used in real weather. Just impossible

Just landed KPDX-KORD, three hour flight, crashed on taxi so no credit in log book. Annoying waste of time!

PMDG 737 a dream compared to this (same settings)

I just tried a flight with the A310 and was about to pronounce it one of my favorite in the sim but, oof, landing was a low FPS, stuttery affair. I see I’m not alone. I’ve tailored my sim to give me 30-40 FPS on landing with FSLTL using any plane at even dense metro airports but the A310 has beaten those settings down.

A shame, because for 90% of the flight it’s a brilliant plane. I hope ini can optimize this further in future updates.