Why am I getting a 120GB Update?

Went to fly and have a 120 gig mandatory update running??? What is it?

Bill Ditz

Wild guess here: you were on the SU8 beta and they finally forced everyone onto the main version?

I think you got the old bug wehre the game forgets that it’s already installed on your pc. Just a thinking about your issue from me what i had experienced often in the past. When you use the steam version and trys to use the game files repair tool from steam, it seems that there is a bug who uninstalls your whole msfs 2020 through the repair tool bug of steam and msfs.

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So is it wiping out all my settings? I wasn’t on Beta

Yes unfortunaly. :frowning: i experienced that often. It seems that the msfs 2020 forgets that you have already installed msfs 2020. And let you reinstall the complete msfs 2020 again. How i wrote above. But also here just a thinking from me and what i experienced.

WOW. I have an image back up from 3/3/22 so I guess I’ll have to reimage.

So no one else is having this issue today when you tried to run MSFS?

ok then your lucky. i forget often to do back ups :grimacing:. maybe i should do one backup like you from the msfs 2020.

the forum search tell you about and possible reasons:


Thanks folks I’ll just stop it and reimage my 3 disk… :hot_face:

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Back up and just need to figure out what I need to update over the last 13 days… MSFS is running again.

Check you cfg file at the bottom and change to correct harddrive letter. Restart and no more update. Happened to me a few times.

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I have a somewhat similar issue. During a recent update, I inadvertently directed it to go to a different Folder that I had created inside the Flight Simulator Folder so it started downloading 120 GIB or so to this folder.
So…I just waited a day until this download was completed… and up came the complete basic installation of FS2020 (Steam Edition).
So figured that all I needed to do now was to delete this Folder that I had created and all would be good to go.
But not so…now every time I start Flight Simulator it always wants to download the 120GIGs.
Before I uninstall and reinstall is there anything I can do to get my original installation back.???
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Herman,

can you please open the file %AppData%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt and check the last line of the file ( something like "InstalledPackagesPath … " ).

Does the mentioned path match with your packages folder where your data lies ?

Thank Micha for your reply. In short I will let you know that I was able to correct my issue.
Will reply later.