Why are my clouds mostly on the ground?

I’m not a meterologist, but a quick google search led me to something called Scud (cloud) that are touching the ground. It seems to be rare but possible.



What is the elevation of the ground?


atm it is 780 feet, but i got this at like 100 feet too.

temperature inversion will cause clouds on the ground

but like 60% of my flights in nothern germany?

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Maybe it’s that time of year? High moisture, cold on the ground warmer upstairs?

Are you using live weather?

We can’t tell you anything based on the information you’ve given us.

I really have no idea why you’re seeing that. I’ve certainly seen clouds and mist on the ground when I’ve gone flying in MSFS in the evening or early morning.

If you’re really interested in the phenomena, maybe go travel into the cloud, check the outside air temperature, then fly above it and check the temperature.

yea i see them all the time in MSFS, but never in RL…with live weather

I’ve seen it in real life, but, usually more spread out over an area. Did you google it?

Clouds on the ground happen all the time irl. The simulator also incorrectly draws clouds on the ground all the time. The real trick is finding out which is happening.

Scud is usually associated with a larger cloud formation or a thunderstorm. You typically don’t see kilometer tall puffs of isolated to scattered cumulus emanating straight of the ground. When the sim draws that, it’s usually in error. I suspect sometimes there’s a layer of mist or fog, and the simulator is just drawing its regular generic cloud type in response which looks wrong in that instance. Or perhaps the cloud base height from the downloaded data incorrect. There’s no way to really tell though.

It would be cool if we could “debug” the weather by seeing the weather layers the simulator is downloading from Meteoblue. Without that, you can’t really tell if this is an attempt at real world weather, a bug in the sim code, or bad weather data.


Must be global warming :sunglasses:


I used to get this in the area a fly, alot worse actually, the cloud deck would be like 800 ft. It turned out that I had a high amount of bufferbloat, once a took care of that the clouds started to appear in the sky again.

So it could be your getting alot of resends of your data because your modem isnt able to process it fast enough, and the sim has to wait on the packets to be resent.

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Internet is finde here with 30 MByte Download and 7ms ping to google.

In reality, the cloud base is determined by a number of factors such as temperature, humidity, dewpoint. Clouds on the ground is not unusual at all, we commonly refer to it as fog! It forms by the same process as clouds.

If the local weather stations report to the sim that there should be a cumulus cloud layer at 800ft with 1 okta of coverage, and you are around terrain of 800ft+, then the sim is going to draw clouds that are clipping the ground like in your screenshot. I don’t think it’s a problem, just a limitation of the system


A Google Image search did not find anything as dramatic as depicted in the Sim.

Maybe this one, but it looks Fake … !

I haven’t seen this issue but I do have just the opposite. Using Real Weather I am having clouds at cruising altitude. As an example yesterday I did a flight in the FBW A320 from KRNO to KDEN. I leveled off at FL 370 and was still in clouds. I tried climbing to FL 390 but I was still in the clouds. These were not thunderstorm clouds either. They were just the normal type clouds that you might see on a Fall day. I have had this issue with clouds for a while now. There is something still wrong with Real Weather and clouds in this sim.

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Try flying across Florida over the Everglades. You get clouds at ground level all the time. It’s also known as fog.

That’s just forced perspective due to the low angle at which the photo was taken.

Looks Photo Shopped to me …