Why are so many airports missing?

Well, it’s sim. I wanted to simulate a flight from Wake island to Bikini Atoll airport on the island of Enyu. It isn’t there, even though it clearly shows it on Bing and Google maps. So if they are using Bing maps, where is it?

@BRANDYDOG01, why are you asking us? Try the zen desk, or even try the xbox support people. I know I don’t work for Asobo or MS, and I’m pretty sure neither does any of the other people involved in this thread, so I say again, why are you asking us?


Glad you answered that…

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Not only sizeable airports, some legendary airport even if it was about small airports are missing. Like Valdez (for its STOL competition) or Lake Hood (biggest floatbase of the world, in the sim at the beginning but remove after Patcfh #2). But Asobo don’t have aviation background and aviation as a dream, they are just game developper, so they don’t know these things. And concerning Zendesk…you can put into everything you want, since the alpha, it is not take in account.

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This topic is about missing airports, not about accepting the fact that there are missing airports, right? Many of us can post and fly at the same time.

The passive implication that this topic is unfounded is a bad idea. You are not the standard of which airports are important to everyone else, right?

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Reminder to all participating to keep the discussion civil and avoid name-calling and making it personal

Is it really true BlackShark AI creates airports on the fly? Then why did they miss this one:

I have the impression all airports need Asobo input. I seem to remember seeing them working on them. Draw a landing strip, put some markers out, etc. Quite a laborious process. So I can understand they missed a few.

But well, what do I know…

Sure it does. Maybe not yours, or mine, but somebodies. Where else do you think they get the list of things to fix for the sim updates every other month? Sure, some of them may come from the forums, but I doubt it, because zen desk reports, especially lots and lots of the dealing with the same problem, definitely do get their attention.

But if you’re literally the only person on the entire planet to have submitted whatever problem(s) you may have submitted to the zen desk, resulting in them completely ignoring you, I wouldn’t assume that they’re not listening to other people, especially if those people have numbers behind them, whether or not they even know it.

If Microsoft promised every airport in the world (which they did) they should provide every airport in the world. If it cannot be done with AI then humans should go in and manually add missing airports. If they can’t, or don’t want to, they should apologize for making promises that they never planned on keeping.

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Who said they never planned on including every airport in the world?
For all we know, that small fraction of missing airports may well be on the backlog, but you have to realize that it’s no small task if they must be handmade.

I don’t know what’s wrong with some people. For the first time in history, you can fly almost anywhere on the globe without buying a single add-on, i.e., at very reasonable price. And you want an apology? :roll_eyes:


Umm, Microsoft and Asobo… the whole world, every airport. It is spelled out in their marketing material.

Read again.

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Reading was never my strong suit.

Better watch it :slight_smile:

Not sure what the other airports supposed to be aside of the “37k manually edited” ones. Maybe they are talking that the may or may not be visible on the ground textures :wink:

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Ah see, hand edited… nothing BlackSharky…

So I think the answer to the question of this thread: they just missed a few.

But still they state “all airports”:

I’m not sure how they meant this part of the statement. How are those included that are not manually edited? The 37k seem to match what we got, but the rest?
Best example was EDDS, blurred ground textures. But airports that big have enough metadata from the nav database to still embed them if you’re doing it manually anyway.

Yes, that was bit silly of them. I’m not in marketing but I would have yelled “CUT! Insert ‘almost’ so it reads ‘almost all airports’ and you’re safe…”

Who can ever guarantee all airports? I might put one in my back yard and not tell them. So easy to shame them…

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I’d have thought you could say that “all” are included in terms of ground textures (which for some grass strips might even be enough, including autogen buildings and trees around them), but there are some (partially military) that are blurred and thus aren’t even available as a ground texture.

What’s interesting is the claim about 80 “most popuplar” airports that got edited in terms of correct taxiways etc. - do we have a list of them somewhere? For me aside of the handcrafted ones I did not notice any other airport that has correct taxiways and signage…

Anyway, I find it funny to see the videos back then that created the hype and look back to what we got and currently get. There was certainly overpromised and underdelivered stuff.
Missing a few airports though isn’t as critical to me since some areas of the sim really kept up to the hype or even got better than I expected.

And yes, well, see my screenshot earlier in this thread…

Could be Asobo counts that as ‘airport’, despite the fact you can’t land on it. It looks pretty… isn’t that enough? :wink:

Yes, that list is in the promotional stuff. You can find that movie through the front page I think. They show per version what’s offered on airports. But I think that already got extended with the World Updates.