Why are so many airports missing?

No i just think they are totally focused on xbox version, and fix for lot of things will come later, waiting for that, they are filtering to fix issue concerning the gameplay, technical aspects fix will come later (and why not, after all, it is a game before everything else).

Uhm, I only know the list of handcrafted airports, they are far less than 80 and are a different category.
It seems like there are 80 where autogen buildings are used but the taxiways were adjusted to match real data…

Hmm okay. That’s beyond my knowledge. I also don’t particularly care a lot about missing airports in general. I suspect they will eventually appear in some update.

Although it can be annoying when crashing in bad weather on an airport that doesn’t exist. It’s hard to figure that out in this sim beforehand. The screenshot above is Kunming (ZPPP) and the flightplan steers you towards the old airport in the city, which is closed. So really no indication you’re gonna fly into trouble. On the other hand: good test of your improvisation skills!

I failed.

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To report missing airports:

Check this topic first:

Before posting in that topic, check first if the airport has already been reported. If not, report the missing airport through Zendesk then add the missing airport as a new post to that topic.

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True said… and we have 35K+ airfields worldwide in our hands…
Also true that many military fields are being blurred in Bing. Google maps would have been a better source but since Bing= Microsoft we have to deal with that.
Luckely, there’s a bunch of freeware handcrafted airports available via flightsim.to.
For example: EHTW ( twente airport in the Netherlands)
The airfield lost its military status back in 2008 or so but Microsoft/Bing/Asobo/Blackshark have missed that NOTAM.

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Re Cheongju

Have you had a look at ‘Bing Maps’ for that airport?

Bing Maps - Directions, trip planning, traffic cameras & more

In summary:

Why are so many airports missing? → We do not know.

How many airports are missing? → We do not know.

Are there also large, international, airports missing? → Yes.

Do we have to report missing airports to Zendesk? → Yes, and also add them to this topic if they are not yet mentioned: Missing Airports Sent to Zendesk

Will missing airports, reported to Zendesk and this topic, be added later → Maybe or maybe not. We do not know.

Will missing international airports be added in subsequent World Updates for this area? → Maybe in the future, maybe not. We do not know.

What can I do if I really want a missing airport? → Report (see above) and / or look for a third party add-on.


And in the meantime wait for that in every MSFS update our favorite community-created airport has no conflicts and doesn’t work.

This is how my Google Maps shows the EHEH Eindhoven Airport and i am located in Germany

and this is with Bing Maps

@derstein98 I know. In fact I discussed it. But thanks for posting the Google Maps image, I failed to do that, maybe it will add some perspective to others!

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its been an issue since the beginning. the default airports are hand made by essentially tracing over the aerial imagery… if the imagery is outdated or blurry or missing, youll get an outdated or missing airport. apparently they have no other method to create the default airports en masse even though better and more up to date source information exists (real world charts) – which they DO apparently use for their handful of updated “handcrafted” airports.

its a choice they’ve made to prioritize images (make things look like the photo) instead of current data. this is also why all the taxiways at these airports have fictional taxiway designations… there is no way to see taxiway names on a photo, so instead of deferring to official chart data, they just wrote an algorithm to make them up.

this has been my pet peeve since day one of the alpha.

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This censoring of some airports I find a bit stupid or maybe it should be funny. I am shure Mr. Putin uses Google Maps or his own pictures?

Yes, it is kind of funny now. At least for the Netherlands it dates back to an old rule from 1950-ish. It basically prohibited aerial photography. As far as I could find out, the rule was changed in 2013 (in Dutch, for the interested, scroll to question 48):


Now I wonder if this means that at some point the missing Dutch airports will become available.

Governments aren’t the concern here. Fringe, low budget organizations have a bit of a history, particularly in countries like France. It is easy to understand why some countries may be a bit sensitive about providing tools to those that wish to do them harm…

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What @willisxdc said. :100:

IF terrorist groups want to attack they will attack, MSFS or not.

Your talking like the French armed forces cant harm/destroy fringe groups if they try to do harm. As a matter of fact the French armed forces can take out any and likely all terrorist groups in the world if it needs to…they are not a bunch of chumps, I assure you.

All these excuses for missing airports in MSFS are NOT valid. To limit MSFS when X-plane or P3D and others have similar info. One has to ask how does DCS exist? Some crazy simmer could steal a war plane.

For the MSFS development team to be in that close contact with every gov’t of every country to get permission, would be a logistical impossibility…remember, this is just a $60 game!

Not sure how you took that from my post. I referred to the French only because of the unfortunate events of the past.

Regardless, internal security concerns are a reality of our world and I would never question why some countries may chose to NOT participate in MSFS. There has been a history of being used to practice attacks and I expect some may not want to present that opportunity again.

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It is not a question of governments, laws, anti-terrorism, because the information is now on everything, if you want to search.
In ASOBO, they just don’t have the resources to keep up with everything, put your heart in peace :wink:

I think it’s not MSFS being refused by ‘governments’. To me that sounds a bit too far fetched. Besides, still enough towers to ‘practice’ on, if that’s what you’re referring to.

What I can imagine is that it’s Bing maps trying to adhere to certain regulations. If the sim - or the airport creation - relies too heavily on Bing maps, then yes…

I can imagine a process where Bing says ‘pling’ to Asobo, when some AI attached finds an airport on the map. And then Asobo starts drawing some basics. If Bing doesn’t say pling… no airport.

Just a theory…

Now, pretend you are the AI software that has been tasked with looking at those images, and deciding what is, and is not, an airport. Do you think you could pull out enough detail from that photo to create one? Because I do not.

I would imagine the word “Airport” in the picture is within reach for most decent AI engines…