Why asobo, why?

For every time there is an update, new changes are making everything worst.

So here is a short list of new errors.

  1. Why would you move the Community folder forced to a C:\ drive, when we make a special drive for MFS2020? Mine is G:\

  2. In VR you can not press reset view and some other functions. But when to are in the options screen you can… Why is it changed all the sudden?

  3. In VR after the latest update, when open ATC it is just a small half window, why would you make such a mistake? It worked fine before the update.

  4. when i select depature from a hangar stand, it changes to active runway with the engine running when i try to choose an arrival airport. Why???

So Asobo, if you want us to take your product seriously, then you have to work more seriously too!

Johnny F.

Not withstand the VR issues you are having, (I don’t use VR) I’ve never had this issue with points 1 and 4 (and it doesn’t seem to be a major thing on the forums), so looks like something on your setup?

  1. My Community folder is still on my D drive. It has never moved to C. Did you re-install at some point?

  2. I have not seen that behaviour before.

@JohnnyAndresen Any chance you could record a video of issue 4 in action?

I honestly didn’t realise the window sizing situation in VR was due to SU9 and have just accepted it. Now you mention it, I have to resize literally every window I open in VR and I open up to six windows sometimes. It drives me crazy but compared some of the issues we had in VR during SU7 to 8 I didn’t think to complain.

There is probably a setting somewhere in some config file that allows these initial window sizes to be adjusted. Maybe someone could advise us?

I have my community folder always on a E drive.

Hi @JohnnyAndresen. I moved your post here to the #self-service:install-performance-graphics category. You formerly posted this in the #bugs-and-issues:aircraft-systems category, but the instructions there specify a single bug report per post. I wish you the best of luck sorting out your issues.


The folder problem only occurs after the last update, and only after reinstalling afterwards.

Johnny F.

It only happens when you reinstall after last update😊

That’s because it defaults to “C:\Program Files…”, or “C:\Users…” and so on. You need to change that to the drive of your choice.

At the start of every SU OR WU
Update screen, there is a box in the lower right of screen that will show your installation path. You must look at this and confirm it is the correct path. This rarely changes, unless you’ve done a reinstall at some point and changed this path or changed it using windows, and have not been paying attention to where it will ask for the instalation path.