Why can’t I fly a A320 on the Xbox?

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I want some help if someone can please?

I want to progress to an A320 on the Xbox but the McDonnel flying eye hospital is the only aircraft available. In my content manager it says I have a 747-8 for instance installed. It also shows a A320 NEO installed and up to date. However, where are they when I want to change aircraft? The version of the the A320 is 0.1.29.

Can anyone help me progress from the Diamond DA62 to a larger aircraft please?

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Usually they’re at the top of the Aircraft selection window. If you look toward the top of the flight planner, click on the plane on the left top of the screen, now your in aircraft selection, now goto right top (ish) of the screen and you’ll see a dropdown, scroll down until you see airliners. Click on that and now you will see the a320nx and the 747 and the eyeball hospital . pick one no not the eyeball hospital you cant fly that one, but the other 2 should be available.

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Done that but I o ly see the eyeball hospital plane.

Go into content manager and un-install the planes you want to fly, reboot and then go back into the content manager and re-install them? There is no reason they shouldnt be available to you.

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All working thanks

Happy skies ;p

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