Why did a download in the community folder bring the Sim to its knees


Can anyone advise why, when I downloaded a third party scenery mod, which basically overwrote 4 towns with photogrammetry from another provider…my sim went into an horrifically slow and choppy state…

Why would a sceney file do this? I had to add various lines to an XML folder and copy the scenery files into the community folder like any other add on…but as soon as I did so my sim went into super slow mode. It took ages to load the scenery from my spawn airport…and was almost impossible to pan the camera in the cockpit. I would move the mouse to change the view point and it would take seconds for it to respond to what I was doing. Stuttering and not responding.

I deleted the folders and XML file additions and it appears to be back to normal…

Anyone advise what would cause this?



If it was a freeware scenery update, you have to be careful. Many of them are creations of 14 year old Timmy who doesn’t know what he’s doing but just watched a tutorial on how to rip Google Maps and import it into MSFS and decided to do his own city / area.

There’s no optimization. You’ve got potentially hundreds of thousands of objects, textures, and other data associated with it. These garbage scenery packs will basically cripple your computer when they’re running.


Interesting thanks…

It looked ok. Downloaded from flightsim.to it had a couple of hundred downloads with no real negative comments…

Perhaps my aging PC just couldn’t handle it…either way. Thanks for the info…


While there’s some really good stuff on flightsim.to (pretty much the only site I use), many of those Google rips are awful. Anyone can upload a mod to the site. There’s no restriction. Not everyone sharing scenery mods necessarily knows what they’re doing.

But it could be a combination of your computer plus the mod. But you can easily check its size and number of files by right clicking its folder in your community folder and viewing properties. I’m betting it’s a huge size and will have hundreds of thousands of files. Compare that to a folder with a properly built scenery pack, and you’ll quickly see the difference.

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