Why do I even bother flying real planes?

Absolutely stunning scenery tonight on a short hop from Grenada to Lauriston in the Grenadines. I just can’t get over the fact that this is stock scenery in a flight simulator. I’m a real-world pilot and I’m starting to wonder why I even bother when I can do this in my pajamas. Blown away.


One word… “GRAVITY”

It makes most things more exciting.


100LL is cheaper in MSFS… :wink:


Physiological experience, better graphics, and it counts for your 90 day recency flight. :rofl:


And what about wearing your pajamas to fly IRL ? Would be nice.
Don’t forget to post pics…


It really is quite something in the small GA planes. I bought the Aerolite 103 recently and the views are incredible.

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Agree with you.
The only way to overcome that lack of physical senses more or less is to invest in a full motion platform but that comes with the price of a small second hand GA bird…
Besides that, I truly enjoy FS2020 :call_me_hand:


Glad to hear. It’s truly amazing!

Great pictures, Why don’t you produce videos, so that we all can enjoy your flying.

Ah yeah, I agree… the scenery is epic around there. If you fancy a cool trip, I can recommend heading over to Los Roques on the way to Curacao. When I flew over it recently I nearly fell of my chair. The reefs are truly stunning!

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Did that back in January, it’s probably even better now:


You think it’s good now, try it in VR!!! It makes for lousy screenshots, but an absolutely amazing, as good as the real thing experience! Plus it’s an order of magnitude cheaper. The only downside, is that you don’t get to actually go to your destination, but much of the time when I owned a real b1rd, I wasn’t flying for the fun of the destination, I was just flying for the joy of flying. I get that from MSFS. Often all day everyday which would have put me in the poorhouse IRL.