Why do I get a plus of 10 fps in developer mode?

After SU5 and the hotfix I’m doing some performance tests.

In each test I load up the default Asobo A320 in EDDH, RWY 23.

First test with developer mode ON, community folder emptied, clear skies, no traffic:
2D 74 FPS, VR 41 fps

Second test the same but developer mode OFF (fps now measured with NVIDIA performance overlay):
2D 66 FPS, VR 32

In both tests the community folder is empty, weather is set to clear skies, no traffic at all.

Why do I get a plus of 9 fps in developer mode when everything else is set to default and looks the same?

What is so different in developer mode that I get 9 fps less when I switch dev mode off?

Can someone please check my observation?

You read both with Nvidia? or just without the developer mode, because the gap can be and, I think nvidia is closer to the truth than the fps meter of MFS.
try with MSI after burner to see if there is a difference

In developer mode I used the fps meter of MSFS AND the NVIDIA fps meter and they showed the same value. So I think that both are doing a good job.

ha ok, I was asking you, because I noticed differences between the two, either by a latency or then a different calculation mode or maybe one that measures the sending to the card and the other measures the output

or maybe it’s, like, open a window, for example from the atc and pop it to another screen for example and your FPS doubles fake with each window, maybe the developer mode has the same kiss cool effect

It’s not fake; it’s a real improvement in FPS because you have the clouds turned off. I use it all the time in VR and love it! Way smoother! This seems to work better than turning clouds on Low in regular mode as the sim still has to do the cloud calculations. Downside is that you have to turn off one of the best parts of the sim. But it’s nice to have the option. I hope Asobo leaves this alone. I don’t want them to make the clouds less beautiful for a few more frames.

He said he’s setting clear skies on each test though.

Yeah, but it sounds somehow reasonable that weather calculations take place even in clear skies. Dunno

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