Why do I not see others cockpit glass in multiplayer

It’s weird I can’t see my flying buddies cockpit glass in multiplayer but can if I stick my head out of my own cockpit glass using the head tracking or in external mode, inside it just dissapear, winter when that will be fixed, minor I know but nevertheless it should be like that in sure it never used to in the beginning.

Considering that each “glass display” needs to be drawn and refreshed and has a significant impact on performance I would not want any more displays than is necessary. The impact is enough now that Asobo even saw fit to give us the option to reduce the redraw rate.

Imagine a formation flight of a half dozen aircraft. I think it would just be like all parking together, at 2 fps.

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The screens update from external points of view, which is excessive already. I was really surprised that they did that. You can also see them update in the reflections of the windscreen. For users with performance issues, it might be useful to offer options to turn all that visual fluff off if it helps them.

The cockpit instrument should only be operational in your own aircraft, because the CPU uses a lot of calculations to make these instruments display the way it is. When you have other aircrafts whether it is multiplayer or AI traffic. You don’t want the game to render and display their cockpit instruments, because it will take too much of your CPU power to do so, which will severely impact your performance.

That’s why the sim already locked these external models for Multiplayer or AI traffic, that they should not render the interior cockpit, and have none of the instruments operational.

I tried to override this before for my Live Traffic. I got them to render the default 747. And since the 747 isn’t designed to be used for AirTraffic, it renders the full cockpit with full instruments, and when I have 15 or so 747 being spawned at my airport. My sim becomes a slideshow, running at no more than 5 fps. I reset my 747 AirTraffic settings, and I’m back to 30 fps.

the OP is referring to the windscreen and other ‘glass’ as pertains to seeing out of the airplane - not the instruments or MFD’s

I have noticed on occasion that the odd AI or static ‘parked’ aircraft are missing their glass - leaving the openings in the fuselage…open. As if the plane were abandoned or had been stripped. It doesn’t happen often at all - or with any kind of association to a particular aircraft. But it does happen.
It would be distracting to see that in multiplayer - with an aircraft in flight lol


Ahh, the windshield… I got confused with the term of “Glass Cockpit” which refers to the Digital flight instruments display.


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