Why does a patchy update, ie, claiming to improve the performance, ruin the FPS?

I was very happy with build running enjoyably smooth, in particular over dense areas as LAX, JKF, ATL, etc, up until came by and ruined all my joy, turning my sim into a slide show, when in fact it just claimed to improve the FPS over such dense places.

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Don’t really know where you’ve been since, but in fact many many people had serious problems with that update and were very glad about the hotfix.
I’m sorry to hear that it had the opposite effect for you but most people (incl. myself) it seems to have solved many problems introduced with SU3 (aka


I had to disable photogrammetry to fly normally over Long Island, NY and up north to Connecticut and upstate NY. I guess it has something to do with loading data. Maybe rolling cache issue.

I was flying in the area with good framerates at least 25-35fps from the game release until maybe October/November when things started to get worse. Since last update, photogrammetry in the region is too much for my GTX970

For me there seems to be some kind of memory issue. After flying with good performance for a while i suddenly get 10 fps with audio stuttering and up to 27GB RAM used (i have 32GB RAM). Only way to fix it is restarting the sim.

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@sarpouli what is your configuration and current framerate ? Most news about the 14.6 sofar was positive about FpS… maybe they overlooked your GPU board ? Some more info about your issue could help developers solve issues…

No problems with either update here; Ryzen 3700x, rtx 2070 super, 32 gb ram.

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i7 10th gen, 32GB, RTX2060, SSD

no rolling cache

Never experienced such pesky stuttering in the sim before

I’m not sure who is in charge of performance optimization task, but, IMHO, Microsoft should hire some professionals to do the job and let Asobo tweak the graphics only…

Have you looked at memory ? and place also matters a lot. Don’t keep returning every day to the same place when it doesn’t work. Yesterday I was flying above Atlanta… nearly impossible, even 5 miles out. Most airfields I get 16-20 now, before the update 1.14.6 my framerate was worst, 13-16. For me there is some improvement . Config is low line (i7 10th, 16G, MX330, SSD)

Try turning it on again, could be that you’re experiencing internet slowness either on your side or MS server side and since you have no rolling cache the data stream is minimal and causing stuttering.

Just a guess but worth a shot.

Since I put a 3090 and 128 gb of ram in my system I can fly from Los Angeles to Australia non stop without any performance issues. Now my issues are just the sad state of the sim and all the bugs and flight model/logic issues… it runs great for me.

32GB is not enough ram for this sim. At least 64 gb should be the minimum for good long flights. Oh and since I went from 32 gb to 128 gb I haven’t had one CTD in months.

LOL @128GB of RAM

BTW, I never had a single CTD in the sim since day one.

My FSPs in general are not bad with all the settings maxed out, around 30 - 35 over LA. It’s only the stuttering that comes out of blue and recurs sporadically after the latest build

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Runs a treat here since the latest patch on this ole rig, I am quite pleased!


One and two pauses here and there when things load in but overall its smooth!

Me too
Same configuration

I’m confused. In the SU3 thread, you were critical of it and even posted this:

“sarpouli” on Mar 10
[Discussion: Sim Update 3 (]
“My stuttering broke a record lately with this sim update III, it lasted one and a half minute at a jaw-dropping 5 fps in exact terms. Interestingly, I never ever had any CTDs with my crawling sim since day one and still none.”

But now you say that you were happy with SU3.

I must have kinda confused WU and SU.
I’ve totally lost the track of the updates.

What really matters is the fact that when the others have probs, I don’t, and when they don’t, I have. My rig must be sorta weird.

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