WHY does every plane in multiplayer appear as an A320

Im getting so frustrated always seeing other players in an A320 or some random prop plane when I know they are in a differnt plane… it really ruins group screenshots… does anyone know how to fix this or why this happens???

If you were on PC there is a pretty awesome new mod that can “fix it” to a decent degree but for Xbox or the base game only Asobo can do it. Whether they ever will is anyone’s guess.

There is a mod for that as well on flightsim.to. don’t know the name unfortunately.

well im on xbox. What can I say.

I just want to cry about this.


On Xbox there are no addons for model matching at the moment!

If you do not have the plane another user is flying with it shows up as a generic airliner.

So, if you and another player are both flying the CJ4 it will appear as a CJ4. However if you are flying the CJ4 and another player is flying a Longitude (but you don’t have it) it’ll appear as a generic airliner

Nothing can be done for the time being.

On PC however there is a mod called FSLTL which fixes this.

I tried FSLTL and I still see airliners flying around as fighter jets…
Didn’t work for me and yes, I am using a PC. I did follow the install instructions.
After a week of tinkering with it, I uninstalled it.

As I said, if you don’t own the plane, it will show up as a generic plane.

Also make sure that “Show Generic Models” in the Options > Traffic is set to “off”

As I said, I am on a PC. I thought you said “On PC however there is a mod called FSLTL which fixes this.” To me, that means that I do not have to have purchased or own every aircraft I see in the sky to be able to see a moderately correct rendition of the aircraft. If that is not the case for the PC, then what is the purpose of installing FSLTL ?

On PC, use this. It’s very good from what I have seen and tested so far:

So if I have the ATR and choose, say, Aer Lingus livery, and a mate has the same aircraft but selects Loganair, how will we appear to each other on Xbox? Do we need EXACTLY the same aircraft, right down to the livery? And if so, is this universal (i.e. will work for the PMDG 737) or just exclusive to MS/Asobo aircraft?


Ive noticed so far with my fa18 that i can use a different livery and still see my wingman who is using the default livery… but once I change planes i can no longer see my partner… not sure if that answers your question or not… and it could vary depending on the plane.

Based on what I remember I think it’s random-you’ll have to see

Because technically, you need to have the exact same model and liveries installed with the exact same metadata of the models and liveries installed in your machine. Even slightly modified aircraft.cfg file for the liveries would break the model matching and will fallback to the most common one for generic use, which is the A320.

So for example, if your multiplayer is using an Air France A330-900neo from Headwind simulations coming from PC. You need to have the exact same Headwind A330-900neo aircraft and the Air France liveries installed in your machine in order of it to be rendered properly on your session.

But since Headwind is a PC-only addon, Xbox can’t install it, and therefore you can’t have the aircraft rendered.

So basically, if there are 100 different models and liveries that your multiplayer uses in your session, you need to also install the entire 100 different model and liveries for them to be visible correctly.

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