Why does it cost so much when you want change your gamertag?

Hi there, Why does it cost so much when you want to change your Gamertag after the first free time? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

Because they can charge that much.


I can see charging a couple of dollars but not $10.00…

There’s a horrible evil thing known as Market Bearing Pricing if you will pay that much they will charge that much.


Probably a disincentive to keep changing your gamertag. As I understand it, you get one free change.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Microsoft employee, so this is not an official answer.


Hi. have used up my free change…

Sorry to hear. Yes, I remember your old gamertag. (I won’t say it publicly.) I guess it comes to a decision as to whether it’s worth it or not to change it again.


Yes, they want people to be responsible so if people so it is a small disincentive to allow trolls and ********* from simply changing their tag after launching abuse. That is one reason, another is a sense of “community”. If the same person keeps changing their tag then they basically create a new character for everyone to get to know. That can be good or bad, depending on the person.


I’ve had the same tag since 2006. I don’t know why people want to change all the time, myself.


I would never abuse anyone in these forums. I would also never troll!!

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I believe you!

I think Yuudai5178 was just speaking in the general sense.


If people are really into trolling business they will simply create new account and continue to do so,
So i think it is not really fair to people who paid a lot of money on their accounts, to charge a lot of money for the gamertags.
My guess would be, it is more likely that it is some sort administration fee too keep your bought digital data, up to your account.

I had the same gamertag fom 2004 until either this year or last year, so I clearly don’t change it frequently… however I’m of the opinion that we should be allowed a free change once per year or every six months. Ironically, this forum forcing my username to be my gamertag is the only reason I changed it. I don’t game online, so it was irrelevant until I came here.

Tags people choose as kids might not really fit as adults.

They should probably give a free pass after you turn 18, 25 and 30.

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I think the whole thing is to prevent griefer/farming, with MMO’s and grinding to win games the ability to not be you anymore can be quite profitable.

Side note: I did change my gamertag and gamerpic since joining the forum (it was my first change, hence free of charge) but my forum handle remains the old one.

never gave this a thought…still don’t

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Does this even apply to a PC user (running a Steam version)?

A gamer tag is like a tattoo. After a few years the novelty could wear off or you grow older and decide “sprunkjonkey214” just isn’t you anymore.

So you pay to remove it!

Wait, you can change that ? For Free ??

Where ???