Why does the FBW A320neo not follow the Flight Plan?

I am a new FBW pilot and I wonder why this aircraft does not always follow the solid green line? For example, in the below video, the aircraft does not turn at the PERON waypoint?

You really expecting someone to look over a 1 hr video to find the point where you made a mistake?
Anyway, the usual mistakes are discontinuity’s in your Flightplan or not setting the autopilot to managed mode aka. NAV mode.


Hi, I see that when climbing, you were using HDG mode to fly roughly to GERGA, then you turned left.

Then when switching to NAV mode you left GERGA behind you and the AP could never pick up the beginning of the flight plan.

That’s why GERGA continued to be displayed (further and further behind you) on the top right in the MFD for the whole flight.

To solve this, after your left turn, you could have removed GERGA or done a direct-to to the next waypoint in the flight plan.

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My bad.
here is a screenshot:

I am trying to do that…but not finding HOW to do that…

to remove GERGA press CLR on MCDU and then press the LSK corresponding to GERGA. To fly direct-to press DIR on MCDU and then press the LCK which corresponds to the navpoint you need to fly to.

And read the manual Preparing the MCDU - FlyByWire Simulations Documentation

Thank you for solving my problemđź‘Ź
Also read the manual.

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