Why does the menu, etc. use 100% gpu, but in flight won't?

Notice this happening sometimes. Sometimes the gpu will be used 90-100% and sometimes in the same exact flight, it won’t be.

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I can’t see the numbers on your images on my phone, but I will answer in the generic sense.
When outside of a flight in the MSFS menus, there is not much for the CPU to do, so the GPU will crank away and give as many frames per second as it can, unless limited by some setting.

Inside of a flight, MSFS will be processing physics, aircraft avionics and systems, talking over the network, loading scenery, processing weather, multiplayer or AI traffic, ATC, etc. In the course of doing this, if your CPU becomes a bottleneck, your fps may decrease, while your GPU waits for the CPU to catch up. You may want to turn on developer mode and see if you’re CPU- or GPU-bound.

If you want the GPU to consume less power while not flying, you can go to the Options menu, and go to Experimental, and enable low-power mode. That will remove the 3D background from the menus and result in a significant load reduction on your GPU.

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It’s not making much sense to be honest. Not you, but the sim itself. Here’s a flight I did earlier, and it properly used the GPU in flight.

Here’s a video with some examples…

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 RTX 4090 i9-13900K usage issues - YouTube

its like @N316TS described…

In menu you let run your GPU in full load, the CPU can easy handle that and you have seemingly not set any kind of limit. In flight you are simple limited by mainthread ( of course: in some situations ). Many topics about that fact in forum.