Why don't we add carrer mode directly to base game instead of using third-party apps like NeoFly

After flying around for several months, I’m just about to get bored about this game, until I met NeoFly.

NeoFly creates a whole new world for Microsoft Flight Simulator, it just makes flight meaningful(e.g., making money, gainning experience, upgrading plane). Why don’t we make carrer mode as part of the main game, just like Bush Trip, Landing Challenge? It wiil be a huge improvement .


The nice thing about 3rd party add-ons for this kind of thing is choice. There are quite a few alternatives now; different prices, different focus and features. For example, I use OnAir for exactly the same reason you use NeoFly.

I’d like to see the Asobo guys focus on fixing and refining the core sim; and leave the add-on and expansions to 3rd party developers.

Having said that, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if something like this does appear somewhere along the way. Perhaps we could upgrade our aircraft using prize money from the Reno air races … :rofl:

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You are right about the fact that Asobo should keep optimizing the sim. But, this actually should be done before DAY1 instead of releasing a buggy game just like Cyberpunk 2077 :joy:

Maybe Asobo just doesn’t have time to develop carrer mode because there are lots of issues waiting to be addressed

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Whilst an in-house career system would’ve been cool I’m happy to see 3rd parties do it , at the end of the day Asobo can’t do absolutely everything so in some cases it’s best left to others who essentially can put more time into their creations and make them better than any Dev might!


What purpose would a career mode have unless the fix the long existing bug where all progress can be lost?

This bug has been around for as long as I can remember
It seems to be buried quite deep and impacts PC and Xbox users alike.
And it will render any career mode unworkable and broken just as surely as it presently breaks achievement and bush trip progress.

A lot more focus needs to be put into fixing the existing bugs before just loading more functionality onto the game.

I think career mode is a perfect candidate for an “add-on”. Not everyone is interested in it…for those that are, spend a couple of bucks!


Is any of career mod available on XBox?

Also I believe all of them require external application to run alongside MSFS. I would like to have a fully integrated mod without external application.

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That’s why the xbox version lacks so much fun :joy:

Yes, but add-ons like NeoFly are standalone apps that need to open mannually. It’s better to integrate into in-game marketplace

Why don’t we add carrer mode directly to base game instead of using…

This is just not in line with how this whole series has operated since day one. They didn’t have career like features in 98, 2000, X, etc. And while thats not exactly an excuse to not include it, I can see how or why at the end of the day they have to pick what they can focus on concerning moving the game forward and what to add. You have to remember, before this game ppl thought Flight Simulator was dead, and there’s a reason for that. And that reason is, flight sim is a VERY niche thing. Its not like flight sim sells an insane amount of copies or even as much as a low-tier AAA title. I think a lot of ppl absorbed in the MSFS world bc they love it tend to miss the forest for the trees in that way. What this means is that when it comes time to pitch the next game to the higher ups they probably have to beg for a budget, bc the higher ups are like… uh but you don’t even sell a lot of copies. In fact, I’m sure the only reason this got greenlit is because they pitched the fact that they could use a marketplace for addons (AKA DLC) and take a cut from outside modders. So at the end of the day, I’m sure they were given a (relatively) limited budget, and because of this, have to limit how much they put on their plate. And honestly, if that’s the case, I think they made the right choice in focusing on creating one of the first actually next-gen looking games and modernizing the simulation itself over trying to implement a job mode/story mode along with that and potentialy squandering the final product.

Asobo is a relatively small dev team (going by industry standards) and I’m kinda shocked they’ve pulled off what they have as it is. And this is not withstanding the current issues the sim still faces. I’d hate to imaging them managing a whole other major component on top of that currently.


Neofly is pretty good, I agree. But as far as adding new features to the sim, I would argue that we should fix what is currently in the sim before adding new things. As another poster pointed out in the dev Q&A thread, there are a lot of high profile bugs that have been reported, and acknowledged for over a year now. It would be great to see that ever growing list shorten some.

Imo pretty easy to answer. We all have different needs and imaginations on what a “career mode” actually is or should be. It’s impossible for Asobo to meet all different demands and unify them under one mode, thus it’s best to just leave this to third parties, and everybody can freely decide how deep they want to go, while we leave Asobo taking care of the core functionality of the sim and refining the SDK.

This is the most reasonable answer

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Salute! Appreciate the response!

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Hi There,

Just started using NeoFly and it looks great, but one thing I’m not sure about.
Am I supposed to be adding my Start and Destinations in MSFS once I’ve selected a mission, or is NeoFly supposed to do that. I would have thought that seeing it’s connected it would be the latter…

With them pushing the game/sim to Xbox, it makes even more since to implement an in-game career mode. Since Xbox players can’t sync to third party career mode services (i could be wrong), having an in game mode appeals to a larger audience and gives “purpose” to flying. It’s creating a purpose that gives an appeal to keep on playing. It’s why I have been using FSEconomy. I enjoy learning and flying and looking at the scenery but having something to do has added to the time I’ve stuck with the sim.

Yes, you should do it by yourself