Why even use ATC if you're going to ignore it?

In the past 60 seconds this is what I’m hearing on my current channel (all related to other pilots)

I’m pretty sure those are all real-world traffic so they’re not going to react to in-game ATC.


How dare they!


Well, the answer to that is to turn off live traffic. Those are real planes so ain’t listening to ATC. It’s kinda funny that ATC can’t tell the difference between live traffic players/AI traffic, so tries to give orders to real planes. You’d think that would be fairly easy to fix.


That makes sense. Those ■■■■ real live pilots not listening to MSFS reason!

Why did it block the word D - A - R - N ??

I think the clear solution here is to just route all real life traffic and atc through MSFS? I’m sure it cant be that difficult for microsoft to distribute a copy to all pilots…

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Absolutely. It would be great to create an item on the wishlist with this feature/fix