Why I don't want 2024

The current version came out in 2020. It is now 2023 and I still have to see junk like this:

Like I’ve said in another post. Please fix the current version. Why is it that only software developers can get away with half finished products?

2024 will just bring more bugs like the ever persistent horizon line that has already been spotted by many others in the new MSFS 2024. smh.


They said they plan to support the current version… so it will continue to get better as well.

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They said lot of things.


I think they meant they will support FS2020 like they support Windows 10. The “keep it running” kind of support as opposed to the “add features and fix cosmetic issues” kind of support. MS has some history of deprecating platforms Office/Windows/MS Explorer while keeping them in service. I suspect they will follow that known playbook.


It’s very simple then…. Don’t buy FS2024 and continue using MSFS2020 as the FAQ made clear you could.


It is very simple. However, I, like many others are using the forum to express our frustrations and concerns. I, and others, are not asking for your opinion. We are trying to get the attention of the developers to fix the things that should have already been fixed BEFORE working on the next version.


Well said :+1:


So you want to vent without people making comments on it?

You’re welcome to your opinions, but if you don’t want other peoples opinion, don’t post on a public forum


Not that many. It is minuscule amount when compared to the 10 million + copies of MSFS sold.


This is a public thread and open to all opinions as long as users remain respectful towards each other, and that also means not shutting down other opinions if it is a thread to talk about opinions on the announcement. Thank you!


Do not expect too high about their bug fixes in msfs20, their man power have to work for msfs24 as well lol.


I’m sure they have two different teams…

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I’d love to be your boss. Pay you 60 bux and expect you to work for years without any further pay until you FINISH the job I gave you (which I will just keep expanding as my whims dictate)


No kidding! They’re not even CLOSE to fixing 2020. The community is flabbergasted. Stuff like this is why Xbox is behind PlayStation. What other company would get away with making you pay for ANOTHER buggy product, INSTEAD of fixing the one you ALREADY PAID FOR? It should be free for those that outright bought the game.


What value do bug fixes bring to the product? How many sales are driven by a bug count lower than x?

It all comes down to dollars and cents. You aren’t growing the product by selling to people who value low bug count because those people are never satisfied. They are fickle and will go fly X-Plane and tell their mercurial friends to go play X-Plane and MSFS will be left as a ‘fine’ product that grows features to appeal to a wider, less demanding audience.


The missions and the planes they listed for 2024 don’t interest me. I will pay money for improved performance and graphics though. I believe that at some point a study level plane that is fun to fly will come out for 2024 that won’t be available on 2020. That’s going to be the deciding moment. A lot of folks will jump on 2024 right away. The 2020 forums will become a ghost town. We are all going to want to play in the sandbox with the cool kids eventually. We all want flight simming to stay vibrant and healthy. We might as well all jump in the pool together. My 2 cents.


I literally had a year and a half with this game. Do you see Rockstar releasing a GTA every four years? They spend years perfecting and adding on to the CURRENT game you bought. This is a disingenuous money grab. Nothing more.


Yeah as if the GTA community hasn’t been longing for a new GTA for years now, yet they just keep milking it for years.
I’m perfectly glad to pay for an updated product and the continued development, unlike GTA msfs doesn’t sell shark cards to milk msfs2020, their revenue probably dropped substantially since the release, releasing a new sim is how they can financially justify further investment in this platform, who would have guessed companies want profit?
Funny you comparing it to GTA because as someone who used play it, GTA still has year long glitches and bugs even 10 years later.
If your expectations is that one day all bugs will be fixed, you need to grow a tighter grip on reality.


To be fair, msfs is worse than shark cards, they release planes which you have to buy, there’s no alternative, reno is another example, while gta new content/dlc is entirely obtainable free of charge.


You do realize that part of the reason for the new release is to fix the problems that are hard/if not impossible to fix in the current version. Sometimes it takes a rewrite of the base code to fix initials issues and the only way to do that most of the time is to start from scratch. I hear yall, all of yall, and u get it but try to see the reasons why and have an open mind.