Why is highend hardware not being used properly at ultra settings? Is every PC now limited down to Xbox specs?

Screenshot 2021-07-29 102849

These are my HEDT rig ressources at ultra quality settings in VR. What a waste. Before the SU5 update i didn’t need to force my FPS down to 20 fps to get a reasonably smooth experience with ultra settings. 40 fps was possible in most cases.

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I think Asobo created a new kind of dataflow bottleneck here. Maybe practicable for Xbox’s system architecture, but desastrous for PC systems. No hardware upgrade will be able to help you here.

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experiencing the same here.
RAM never goes above 11 GB where it was at 16GB and more before.
And VRAM is never getting higher than 8 GB either…

Maybe just a conspiracy, but this might be the XBOX limits we now have to play along with on our RTX 3090’s and 32GB or more RAM…

Also noticed, that MainThread is still utilized 100% after on last DEV Q&A they presented us a Video proof that this will be no onger the case with SU5 ?

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I have had to limit FPS to 35 otherwise my gpu is super hot with crazy temps
It’s smooth on that at the moment , but i don’t want to toast my RTX 2080 super

my Aorus RTX 3090 stays between 95 and 100%, my CPU stays under 25 %.
What a pity to have destroyed such a promising product.
Now it will be just for kids between 6 and 12 years old, until they get tired of flying on a cartoon …
It would have been too simple to sell two different products …

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xbox is dx12, pc still on dx11…maybe thats an issue?