Why is it so slow to get back to the main menu

I had a good performance flying over NYC, even with a 12 Mbs DSL and medium to high settings, but after asking the sim to get back to the main menu, it took more than 5 minutes…; not the first time and very very annoying… how can this happen ?

English only here!

Seems like a pre loading method…I guess you gotta pick your poison. You want the long load wait before main menu or before your flight loads like FSX.
It is annoying though when just wanting to simply exit the sim…i just hit windows key and terminate the app by that point.

Could be your SSD read/write is being maxed out, which you may want to look into. I usually get to the main menu in ~30 seconds after a flight. My biggest issue is when wanting to exit the sim entirely, it takes forever to want to close.

Happened to me after a few flights to NY too.

If you have no rolling cache it takes more time. Keep your rolling cache at default for quick exit.

I have a 200GB rolling cache…

I can only imagine it’s a combination of saving “state” and re-loading the starting point for displaying the main menus. IMO loading up the main menu shouldn’t take all the time that it does. It’s like it’s pre-loading the state of all the live traffic on the Earth image, pre-loading the aircraft models, etc. There’s no other reason why it should take so long to load everything up.

There are 2 schools of thought here. Load everything up so the interaction between the menus is relatively quick, or load as necessary. Maybe they just didn’t want the user to be frustrated navigating thru the application and waiting longer than the user would want at specific steps. I imagine I’d be annoyed if every time I wanted to open up and view my aircraft in the hanger I would have to wait 30 seconds. That stuff takes time and maybe they chose to get it all loaded beforehand. Only the development team knows.

As a developer I would pre-load as little data as is necessary to get the user to a main menu / starting point. The user typically won’t even be switching settings up too often anyway. I.e. once you’ve used the simulator for a few days you’re likely settled into the aircraft and/or general location you operate in anyways. A lot of this can be cached, and if done right should be readily available. I don’t see other scenarios where it should take so long to load up either.

I’ve found lately that if I fly in “group mode” where I’m all alone (not live players), loading up a new flight and exiting to the main menu are quite a bit faster. Still a bit slow, but nowhere near as long a wait.