Why is MSFS Not Using Rolling Cache when thier servers are offline?

I fly in NYC area (JFK and LGA) a lot - yet today when Microsoft online services crashed, I figured I can fly in areas were I have flown before since I have 100GB rolling cache enabled.

  1. MSFS was not using or showing items for the rolling cache (I fly in NYC pretty often). If anyone is curious this is what it was showing for NYC instead:

  2. I keep getting the pop-up that it cannot access online services. If I click X to close it, it comes back up after a few seconds. Why not let us continuing flying without this constant pop-up ?


Likely because your current session expects to be able to contact the servers - you probably were online and playing before the servers went down.

One thing you can try is to go into Options and turn off all Live and Online services and restart your flight.

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Tried that,it doesn’t work.That insidious banner is still there,I think it’s there because they don’t want us playing offline…


It worked for this user, you may want to exchange notes with them!

It won’t go away,they don’t want us playing offline.European servers have crashed to-night 10/7021 and no apparent hope of getting them back.I’ll try again to-morrow when most people will be at work,the upside of being retired…

Thank you - will give it a shot.

I wonder how far you can fly on rolling cache?

Does 8gb get you 360 degrees for 30 seconds? More? Less?

100Gb? How much scenery/how far/how long is that good for?

Agree about that popup (it is not needed). Switch off internet and internet settings, you’ll not see it anymore.

The “rolling cache” does not keep ALL server information… if only cache is available, you would see a very bad scenery, with the scenery info shown incomplete. Take a different flight path and you would see partial grounds, partial city… grey planes where bridges should be…

Last februari (2021) I used rolling cache for a while, because I had Wifi at the time. Rolling cache did not really help. Popping… stutters… better switch off General Options / Data, you get smooth flight in a regular “standard” landscape. For good scenery, MSFS really needs the servers.

The goal of the cache should be to store all streaming scenery, including imagery. We should be able to fly offline without having to turn off data settings and without a constant message popping up. This will also relieve strain on the servers.

Is it the Manual Cache responsibility to save the data for any specific region we choose in addition to the level of detail?

yea… this topic is a good discussion. Why do I have a dedicated 240G cache ssd sucking down the data the whole time Im flying just to have it turned off when their servers go down. And when I turn it back on it starts the rolling cache all over again.


Not in my case yesterday. I loaded up the sim and immediately got that error banner. Every single time I close it the banner would pop back up seconds later. I did not have a flight going already. I then restarted the sim after turning all online things to offline. The banner was still there and would not go away.

Just as an FYI, just turning data off in the game isn’t enough. Before you can use MSFS offline, you have to go to xbox website and initiate it before starting the sim.


Stuff like this just makes me miss the offline autogen functionality of older sims.
Total online dependency and CONTROL with software is what these companies seem to love though in 2021😏

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yea… You got that right. This is going toward cloud gaming. Which is ok long as they keep their cloud up with the demand. Im too old school tho. buying FXF on a cd was no problem. I still have it on a shelf in my pit. Although I dont have a CD player in my PC anymore. I still own the game… lol.

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