Why is patching mandatory now!

This should be left to the user with an option to do it when the user is ready or in some offline mode. I mean I launch the sim to play and boom… you patch here and now before you go any further!


me too man, i was just flying from KLAX to KSEA i was like 1 hour out and boom the game shut down and when i restarted it it said need update

I’ve been flying for 10 hours CYYZ to VHHH and I’m still running the old patch no issues

Yup. I was mid flight when the update dropped and same thing for me. And now it’s a bugged, unplayable mess for me. :confused:

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wow im still downloading it man i hope it runs good for me

Just like Windows!

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Never turn it off.

Any app that is connected to a server or has any database changes almost always has mandatory patching. The client software has to stay in sync with the servers.
Another issue is support. Often people complain about bugs that were fixed in a later patch when they run old versions of software.


Not an option to never turn it off, @Malchi0r55. You get booted when the patch drops and you’re forced to update when you restart.

You do not get booted when the patch drops