Why is there a storm in Tallahassee?

So, yeah, I know there are issues with the weather they’re using. I’m sitting at KTLH with live weather and there’s a major storm blowing and has been for a half hour. I looked at a national map and it’s just some low clouds. The metar says 1700 BKN. I would expect some variance from the METAR but this is…just off. I’d also think you’d see some mention of thunderstorms in the area on the weather but there is none. And, on top of it all, you can’t even find out what the weather observation in-sim is. What’s the altimeter? What’s the temperature? There’s no way to know. And that makes me question the METAR reports everywhere with no way to confirm how close (or far) they are from what the sim is showing. It’s a major, major gap they need to get fixed.

Well, they don’t exactly take their weather data from METAR. they take them from Meteoblue weather data, whatever that is. I guess you may need to check the weather from meteoblue, if that is indeed not matching then yes, they need to fix that.

It, most definitely, does not match Meteoblue either. The worst thing is, they don’t even tell you what the in-sim METAR is. What is the altimeter in this fictional weather? What temperature? What is the official ceiling and vis? There’s no way to know. Listen, I love the sim…I absolutely love it…but they need to get some basics done.

Meteoblue doesn’t have a very good storm tracker from what I’ve seen, so i personally never rely on them.

well, for altimeter I just press ‘B’ on my keyboard to set my altimeter to the current one in sim. For the temperature, I get that from the Static Air Temperature (SAT) display on my ECAM… But that’s only for the A320 though. I don’t fly GA at all so I’m not sure if they have that on display.

Otherwise, you can always tune in to ATIS.

Storms are forecast, so will be getting it from the forecast data:


I forget about the B key. I guess that’s the ultimate fallback. Weirdly, the weather on the ATIS pretty much matches the real world metar…some layers of few clouds…except they mention there’s a storm and looking out the window it’s major overcast. Altimeter matches real METAR. At least it looks impressive!

I’ve had the sim loaded at KPIE for hours. The METAR says 10 miles visibility but I’m guessing it’s about 2 in the sim. Visiblity hasn’t matched for hours. In the real world it’s not unusual for there to be a lag between the weather and METAR. Observations are typically done near the top of the hour and special observations happen but they’re not instantaneous. But hours of mismatch between what’s being reported and what’s being observed would result in a lot of tense phone calls until it’s corrected.

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