Why is there always fog when flying into Cuba/MUHA Airport?

On clear sky days(As per Metar) when flying into Cuba’s airport MUHA, there is always a fog that appears when getting close to airport.

This happens every time.

Why is this?

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Cigar smoke? (just kidding).

I made a flight to MUHA 2 days ago and the weather was bad, so I can’t say if that happens to me or not, but will try to make one on a clear day to check it out.


Yeah check it out and you’ll see what I mean. Sometimes the fog is already there on what is supposed to be a nice and clear day. Other times, right as you are about to reach 1500 feet on approach, it suddenly appears and covers visibility on runway. Really sucks.

I just flew from there and it was cloudy, stormy looking with fog at the end of the runway, however, I changed planes and now it is clear blue. Go figure… hummmmm

Hey there, @xxYUNIORxx. I moved your post here to the #self-service:scenery category where specific airports are discussed. That sure is an interesting phenomenon you have discovered. I’ll have to go check that out myself. Blue skies!

Man can’t believe this has not been fixed yet. I used to love flying into Havana but this annoying fog is ruining the experience. Just don’t understand why MSFS would always add fog to the airport even if it’s supposed to be clear.

Hmm, I wonder if Asobo has looked into this.

I love flying into Cuba, but the experience is being ruined because of this fog that shows up no matter if it’s supposed to be clear skies.

Just landed at MUHA .Confirm the foggy day!!

Yep, it’s always like that. No matter what time or season of the year, it’s always foggy.

Even on a midday with what is supposed to be clear skies, that fog is always there.

Such a disappointment.

I submitted a ticket a long time ago, but I guess since it’s something most people don’t complain about, it doesn’t get any attention.

Just another weather bug. There is LOWI airport in Austria that is always covered in snow, even if temperature is 25*C :). It’s been like this for years.

I’ve done a landing at LOWI…quite strange to see the snow coverage in real-life settings in June.
Thinking positive : it 's a wonderful place for langlauf lovers…they can go on sky 12 months in the row!!

might be Haze :man_shrugging:

got that at CYQB & CYUL yesterday

was hot & hazy, but in the sim it was depicted as fog

I agree with you.It looks more like haze than fog. It would be good to get some pictures taken at this site IRL to compare.

It seems to be like that IRL too, probably there is almost always fog there. I landed there twice as a passenger but it was more than 20 years ago, can’t remember if there was fog or not.

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Your 3 very interesting youtube videos should give the final answer to the OP original question.It’s always hazy/foggy over there.

I’m from Havana, Cuba. It is not like that the whole time.

There might be a day where it’s a bit hazy early in the morning when it’s cloudy and the skies are dark. But that’s only in early mornings right as the sun is rising. That’s some days.

When weather is showing clear and sunny day, it’s clear and sunny day.

Even if it is calling for clear and sunny day IRL, in MSFS it still shows that haze/fog covering no matter what.

Ive noticed this too and wondered if it was accurate or a sim problem?

For a very long time now this has been an issue with Live Weather. It seems that no matter what time of day it is in Havana, Cuba there is always a fog/mist above the airport and surrounding areas. I checked the metar, and even on clear blue sky days, the metar can show visibility of 9000, but for some reason Live Weather always throws in this fog. It’s quite annoying cuz you can’t enjoy watching the scenery coming into the airport. Anybody getting this too or on any other airports. It seems like MSFS just throws fog evetime visibility is 9000

Hazy Havana. Seems like an attempt to replicate humidity haze. That’s my guess… :man_shrugging:t2:

This is in community support, may be better to create a thread in the bug report forum so people can vote.