Why not use FS discord server for community live chat?

Since Asobo/MS has a discord server, why didn’t they open a channel(s) for community live chat?

Official is not responsive, but we community can discuss and help each other in it, isn’t it?

The forums are great, but discord can be a sort of supplement, right?

Not sure what you’re asking for here. The Official discord offers multiple avenues for community chat as well as community support. In many senses, the Discord and Forum already supplement each other.

Ah? For me, only one “important-info” channel, nothing else. And no one talks ever.

Did I make some wrong configuration?

Sorry, my fault. I didn’t click the button from robot to unlock the channels.

I’d like to cancel out this topic, but don’t know how. :sweat_smile:

It seems the issue is now satisfactorily solved.

Topic closed.

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