Why oh why did you's do this

My sim was perfect, until su9 now its like a slide show after 2 hours. I mean come on surely the beta testing must of seen these problems. honestly really tired of this now and yes I know it looks lovely but hey its a total nightmare every update. Asobo please sort it.


it has been this way for 2 sim updates.
they can’t reproduce it, so this might take a month or 12 months.

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this sounds like a memory leak, which im pretty sure the game doesnt have (everyone would see it constantly if it where), we fly 3+ hours twice a week in a group and my pc uses the same memory thru-out, tested along with several other people multiple times
i will test again tonight since that will be the first time for our group flight in su9 but i dont think this is a new issue either (see the linked post that has the same issue)

some people have had success fixing this issue disabling the NDU
this one may be worth checking out, it turns of the data monitoring for metered connections

this one just confirms the same thing with an unrelated source (not game related)

i advise you to do your own research before attempting any of this
having said that i made this regedit around a month ago (not long after that post) testing for someone else
i did not show any memory leak but i have not seen any adverse affect from the edit


It’s been this way for 9 sim updates. Every one has been a downgrade. The sim has never been better than the day it was released.


The sad part about it is they have hardly introduced a new feature in the last 12 months, VR was probably the biggest feature upgrade ( at least for me) the rest of it have just been trying to get the sim to work better which it appears every update it creates more issues and breaks what has been working ok. Yes it has improved but we still don’t have a next gen API like X plane or P3d. Dx12 should have come out with it because changing from Dx 11 to Dx 12 this late in the game is going top break a heck of a lot of addons! Based on previous experience with pother sims we will all have to pay for a lot of DX 12 upgrades for our addons while others will just be broken.

I would not be that annoyed if they were actually pushing the envelope and introducing new features but other than VR not much new functionality has been added and certainly a lot missing when compared to P3d or even FSX!

Yes I know there is a new flight model coming and multi screen , rotary wing, a better SDK for TPD ect blah blah balh but at the moment its still just on a list of things to happen.

I wish they would release more beta before unleashing these compulsory updates, I REALLY like the Beta system they have as you can opt in or out at any time and no need to complain if you don’t like what’s happening in the beta!

so just because you and the few people who tested it and saw no issues, you basically say “It’s a you issue” ?

I myself absolutely hate fiddling around with registry edits, this should not be done in the first place.
Anyway I gave this a try a couple weeks ago and it absolutely didn’t change a single thing.
It’s the same story, great fps at start 60 average on ultra on the ground.
40~60minutes into the flight in cruise mainthread and manipulators spike up.
This is with a 10700k and a 3080ti mind u, so it’s not a spec issue as well.

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I am so tired of every time a new update comes along I have to spend my time to figure out what is wrong and try and get the sim working again. My sim was working well up until SU9 and now everytime I try and take off I get a CTD. Enough is enough…PLEASE stop mandatory updates if they are going to mess with the sim. All I really want to do is fly…not spend hours troubleshooting. What are BETA tests for ??? They should find the problems before the next update is foisted on the masses…

Well said mate absolutely ■■■■ since Sim update 9 on Xbox. They Need To Rectify the Problems ASAP.

the ‘few’ here are the ones with the problem, there are THREE MILLION PLUS Users for this game,
if the Majority where having this problem the forum would be FLOODED with these posts

Additionally Memory Leaks are CONSISTANT like clockwork, if its happening because of the Game Code we would ALL see it on Every Launch AND its something you can Test for and SEE Very Easily

nor did i say its a You Issue, in fact if you read thru my post you will see, im blaming the Operating System that is made by the Same Developer as the Game

i seriously doubt its a ‘main thread’ issue. that would show up from the first moment of game play, not 2 hours in (now only 40-60 mins i guess?)

im just trying to help, if your too busy ‘playing the blaming game’ to want it, please just ignore my posts
i have no ‘horse in this race’ so i dont really care beyond trying to help others


I had a few issues like this in the past (losing FPS after updating).
Something that I always do now is to restore the configs to the default after updating. I normally get the FPS…

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