Why on earth I get 48-50 FPS in Xplane and hardly 20 in MSFS in VR mode?

this is my usage, with VR enabled. Full of Stutters with FPS between 15-19.

My GPU and my CPU are hardly stressed, flying the CRJ700.

HAGS On or HAGS Off? What is your OXR runtime version?


Wiith the preview OFF


and HAGS On


Try HAGS off - having this on became a major issue for me and my 2080ti a while back. Also latest drivers should be good with HAGS off too. Just be sure to reboot to confirm fully off.

MSFS VR runs tons better with addons than XP11 ever has.
Even after Vulcan update there are addons for XP11 that just weren’t meant nor optimized for VR.
Sint Marteen/St Barts for example. Absolutely horrible performance in XP11 VR.
The Vulcan update was greatly overhyped and what I would consider barely a performance boost for XP11 VR.
Meanwhile my hardware is chewing through and handling MSFS VR with tons of airport and scenery addons loaded with tons of 3d objects with mostly ultra/high settings.
The fact that we can get smooth VR performance in an area like South Florida where KMIA and KFLL airport addons are installed simultaneously is a performance breakthrough in VR Flight Simming.
As all previous sims P3D/FSX/XP11 would absolutely crawl in VR trying to process, load and render both 3d object loaded full ai traffic addon airports in such close proximity.

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That’s like asking why you get much better frames running Half-life than running Crysis. The answer is obvious.

Comparing different games is pointless but the performance in VR is indeed terrible and has nothing to do with system or software settings. It took them up to SU 6 to figure out 2D performance, now it will probably take twice as long for them to fix VR performance.

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Would love to know your other settings if you can get 30-45fps all msfs settings maxed. 100/100? Surely not. I have a 3090 and a 5950x and i get around 18-28.

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Depends on plane (I don’t like glass cockpits f.ex.) I fly mostly DC-6, Pipper Arrow. And I’m not saying about boring flying over New York :wink: I’m sure that since months I didn’t saw as low as 18 fps. It don’t go lower than 30 fps for me and no stutters. I’d have to check later, but I’m quite sure that I have 100/100 or 85(msfs)/120(openxr) (what results with still full res, but some upscaling on WMR side). Remember that CPU/GPU is not only thing matters - as I mentioned earlier - thermals, network connection, fast drive and so on matters. :slight_smile:

I will check and do some benchmark, probably not today, but I will try to remember and post results. :slight_smile:

Do you have any mods installed? The statement “I used to have 35 FPS and now I hardly run 20 with stutter” makes me believe mods are to blame, because the VR implementation didn’t change much, and got a little faster if anything.

Also, definitely try HAGS off, HAGS on has always resulted in a ■■■■■■■■ for me (3080Ti with G2)

But yes, Asobo must definitely work on their VR engine to improve performance.

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Thanks, I will try HAGS off tonight.

I have MODs like everybody else, but I was trying an MODded airport and a default one in another area and the results where the same. For planes I tried the CRJ700 and then I tried the default DA62, same results. I will try removing all of them but most of them are airports not used in the area that I was testing. The Stutters and bad performance started with the latest Hotfix hence my suspicious was about the pre-rendering option added to VR, but is just a clue.

The Xplane test was just to understand if there was something odd with WMR or OXR , cables , nvidia drivers or other hardware issues with the G2.

Did you check your CPU usage per core, and not the average value which mean nothing?

E.g. you can see 30% CPU global usage, but in reality one or several of your core are running high or are maximized at 100%, when other are idle or less used. It mean CPU bottleneck, and can explain your lower GPU usage as CPU can’t feed your GPU quick enough.

Ok, here are some results with HAGS OFF. All settings in ULTRA, LOD 200 with V-Sync at 60hz. I can see the GPU and CPU underutilize. 50ish FPS in 2D with micro-Stutters. VR similar CPU/GPU utilization but with 17-19 FPS with more stutters.

My machine is not even warming up with these figures.

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What fps are you expecting fully maxed out in all your settings ?
What settings are you using in wmr ?

Hi, setings OpenXr render scale 200, motion reprojection=disabled, MSFS VR rendering= 50

Looks like the effect i also had. Try this:

Or start VR before the flight completely has loaded, so you see the loading screen in VR. Then you perhaps do not have to do what is mentioned in this post.

and change pre-rendered frames to 1:

Both helped me a lot.
It also could be that you have perhaps dialed in a too high resolution in MSFS, try lowering it in the inGame Render Resolution to lower %. There must be a bug somewhere (or connected to the pre-rendered frames) that if you reach 100% GPU usage, it sometimes breaks down and does not recover for itself. If this happens you can only dial down inGame Resolution, press Ctrl-Alt-Del and immediately after getting a black vr screen pressing ESC. Then it can recover. But after i changed to only 1 pre-rendered Frame i had to do this not very often again.

“OpenXr render scale 200, motion reprojection=disabled, MSFS VR rendering= 50”

I keep reading about this, will try it tomorrow

Because xplane looks like it’s from 2004


And I get 2000 FPS in Pac Man with today’s hardware. Like I said, it must be much better optimized :kissing_heart:

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