Why the two "Special Offers" and "Discount Offers" categories? They're really the same thing

If a “special offer” is always discounted and presuming a discounted offer is always “special” because of the discount, I fail to see the difference between the two so why not just one “Special Discounted Offer” category? There doesn’t seem to be a definable difference between the two or am I just not seeing whatever the answer is?

Yes, I have too much time think :roll_eyes:

I just think of them as “Permanent” discounts on some current or future items (e.g. permanent discount for those that bought deluxe/premium/premium deluxe versions), or “temporary” discounts for a specific sale period.

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Semantics…. Why not just call it rollback? LOL. No please don’t do that!

I like that the aircraft class packs for Reno went from $9.99 on the weekend to $14.99 on Monday to $19.99 Tuesday.

Especially since Reno air racing is no more. :frowning: