Why there is no TUTORIAL available for advanced flying in MFS 2020? Eg: Airliner, VFR, Flight plan etc

I completed the Basic Tutorials in Flight Simulator 2020. But i dont find any Tutorials for Airliners, Advance Navigation, ATC, Taxing, Communication, Checklist etc etc !!!

Kindly excuse if im missing something since im new to this game.

Thanks in Advance


Yeah, you aren’t missing something. The best way to learn is YouTube - there’s videos for everything. Try looking for A320 Neo videos


Thanks Buddy. The FSX Tutorials were better than 2020 version. Disappointed


Hell, the FS tutorials on advanced navigation and IFR were even in the earliest versions back in the 80s and 90s. I find it baffling that there are no advanced flight lessons or even premium ones that could count toward a real private license like you can work towards earning a racing license in Gran Turismo Sport, for instance.


I think it might be due to security reasons ? Not sure ! This will definitely limit the knowledge of a common man

I can’t remember being as disappointed in a game as I was with FS2020. Maybe I had expectations that were too high. I thought it would be FSX with much better technology.

If I compare it to FSX, for the time, FSX was a greater leap in technology and features than FS2020.

I can only hope that over the years, FS2020 will become what FSX was to the community. My first thoughts are how can I contribute towards making FS2020 the best sim on the market. It currently isn’t.

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Do what the rest of us did and go on youtube, get books etc.

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They run out of time. Look at the checklist. Most are incomplete. What a shame


It is really unbelievable that it has no good airliner a320neo, airbus, cargo planes tutorials, and with each other model of planes in their aircraft list.

I believe Microsoft should force every player to have to undergo proper tutorial difficult and complete professional level for each aircraft before allowing players to fly with so much lost in the pending.
Microsoft should start with basic medium and maximum to cover all standard models and force their audience players into really learning much much more about the airplanes e try simulating flying when we play here.

Does Any one else here reading me likes this ideas to help MSFS2020 guide their tweaks and updates for the future! many thanks again captains :slight_smile:

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This is an interesting idea. I think they should have two multiplayer modes, one being Arcade where you can jump in and barrel roll a 747 or whatever and a Sim mode where you need to work through some lessons and challenges and unlock higher levels to proceed. The arcade mode would be what they have currently. The sim mode could start you with piston aircraft and then move you up to turboprops, small jets, large jets, etc. Could start out with VFR flights then let people get signed off for IFR flights.

They could bring in a pilots license leveling thing where you move through the various licenses by accomplishing check-rides and objectives.

I dont think the idea is a good one… Considering how much some people invest in this game for whatever version… this forum would be filled with complaints about people not bwing able to fly this or that because of it…And what if the tutorials themselves turned out to be buggy and it prevented people from flying what they wanted too?

It would be a disaster… Plus whats to stop peopel from adding third party airplanes and circumventing the whole process.

Do you want car dealerships to give you a driving test before they let you buy a car?

Or microsoft to make sure you have windows certification before you buy a pc with windows on it ?

The freedom of the game to let you progress how you liek to delve into it as deep or as casual as you like is a good feature…

Other peoples piloting skills in this game dont affect your expierence so why make rules for everyone ?

I totally agree , licences should be obtained and displayed in players profiles becoming msfs captains at the end of the missions and tutorials passing stages and obtaining full licence.

I also wish to ask Microsoft to bring new aircrafts like ANTONOV CONDOR Lockheed’s C-5 Galaxy, KAWASKI C2, Lockhead C-5, Airbus Beluga , ANTONOV AN-22 ANTEI, Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, Airbus A400M Atlas, Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules, Kawasaki C-2,

Please can we start creating these new popular amazing planes to a similar complex level like cesna grand caravan -a320 msfs2020 pitch so we can all play and do better missions for the other addons missions and rewards.

One last note is Addons should integrate more between the simulator and echother.

Many thanks

I also agree on that point of view, i wish more new planes was available. Cheers :slight_smile:

Download the Airplane Flying Handbook from the FAA website here : https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/airplane_handbook/media/airplane_flying_handbook.pdf

Won’t teach you about Airbus and other large aircraft but it will cover a number of things you mentioned.


many thanks captain :slight_smile:

will have a look many many thanks captain :slight_smile: