Why traffic is scarce in VR, while present in 2D

I noticed that despite the settings for Traffic, when in VR, I can barely see any aircraft in the air or taxiing. However if I switch to 2D mode, the difference is drastic. I’m using built-in AI traffic and multiplayer is on.

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Do you have same settings for VR and PC traffic option?

Yes, VR and 2D have different traffic settings that you need to set the same to get the same experience between these modes.

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Hmmm… I have the opposite. Or… maybe I just see the traffic better in VR.

As @ResetXPDR mentioned, make sure you set things up in the VR settings page(s) in Controls.

Default VR settings have almost no AI traffic of any kind.

I find it depends where I fly - and in some cases I’ve been surprised to see aircraft flying around me, though more often than not unrealisticly at very low altitudes.

At major airports there’s usually plenty of AI. Could deffo do with more smaller GA and bizz aircraft in flight.

edit: Having said that, when I flew around Nigeria I don’t recall seeing a single AI model.

I didn’t have any idea!
I thought it was only different graphical settings.

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Did a bit of flying around local grass strips for the navigation fun, and every aircraft I was warned to watch for by ATC was reported as flying at 300ft :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe that’s why we don’t see them?

One thing I notice is most AI traffic flies really low normally at 500 feet

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Bei mir auch so :frowning: