Wide Bodies in Development?

Anybody in the know of a widebody in development by someone other than Captain Sim? (Never really been a fan of their products or pricing). Would love to see a high fidelity 767, 777, MD11, or even a 757.

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The 777 is on the books for PMDG.

Not to sure of timeline yet.


L1011 TriStar!!!


Heard that. Hopefully not another year or 2

Theres the Quality Wings 787, but they’re pretty mums on it. No other info other than “it’s a project that exists…maybe”

PMDG 777 and 747 eventually. There’s rumors of a 757 or 767 but theres nothing but cheeky mentions and more speculation than you can imagine

There’s a couple A350’s in development in both 900 and 1000 variants. Don’t know much more other than i think one is freeware (FBW quality i guess?) and one will be payware

Speaking of FlybyWire, they are working on an A380.

Well 737- development is ongoing and we have many 737 to go so it’s highly likely the 777 and 747 are many years away from PMDG.

hardly. As time goes on, teams will move from the 737 project to the 777 project as the 737 variants get released and i don’t see the 900 being released past this year. I think they’re going to take what they learned and that will make the development of the 777 go much quicker. I’d say at the end of next year we might start seeing meaningful news about the 777, but i’m optimistic…

Once all the Variants are released for the 737, they’ll likely keep a skeleton team on the plane to make sure it’s updated as needed but their focus will turn to the 777 and 747

Inibuilds are working on a A310, this one I’m looking forward to flying.

There is also another group working on a KC-10/DC-10. Forget the name of those guys who are building it, but they are real-world KC-10 crew.


A310 … finally an Airbus I can fly with a yoke :slight_smile:


Um, no. Rob’s update at PMDG a couple weeks ago said the 777 was nearing the “public teaser” phase. I expect we’ll see it late this year or early next, with the 747 to follow maybe 6-8 months later. The 737 has clearly been a huge learning experience for the PMDG team, and a continuing struggle to get Asobo to provide the hooks into the SDK that they need (case in point: the WX radar API coming in SU10, and adjustments to the security platform to allow planes coded in C++ to access external data for Simbrief integration).

Now that much of that learning is past them, the rest of their lineup should be just a matter of a lot of man-hours doing the actual work instead of fighting with the toolkit.

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I think the Payware one is abandoned now, but the Freeware from Digital Flight Dynamics group is still ongoing. They’ve released a preview of what the basic aircraft system it has and how it works a few months ago. But judging from the state of the preview, they still have a long way away.

I’m a bit surprised that so far only a few renowned devs, developing products for the other sims, have stepped in the msfs market yet.

Aerosoft are doing their 330, rumblings of FSLabs making one of those too.

The Tristar would be a dream. Aw the classic era of these rare triple-jets… MD-10, Boeing 727, Tristar and Falcon 50 and more… The late seventies and early eighties and pre-ETOPS era were the haydays of trijet aviation.
Most of them excapt the rather small Boeing 727 and the Falcon are (or where) wide body airliners I assume…

A nice rare view into the S-duct:


The L-1011 and DC-10/MD-11 were/are wide-body triples. The 727 was narrow-body, of course, and was a mainstay of US short-medium haul feeder routes into and out of the big international and transcontinental airports back in the day. I rode in them many times in the late 70’s through mid-80’s.

As for that S-duct, one of my college engineering professors was on the Boeing propulsion team that designed it. Make a note of the inlet shape on the early variants sometime and try to figure out why it looks like that. I’ll give the answer (according to him, anyway) later in the thread. :wink:

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Tfdi is working on the MD11. In December (I think) they were aiming for June (I think).

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Hm I guess the S-duct is shaped this way because the engineers wanted to have the middle engine 100% centerline and not under the rudder like the DC10 has. But a centerline turbine still needs to suck in the air either from somewhere on the airplane´s roof or when designing a vacuum-cleaner for runways from a hole under the airplane. That´s why no matter where the air inlet is positioned the duct leading to the turbine it is always shaped like an S. :slight_smile:

Ah yes and the TFDi MD11 will be an absolute blast and superb quality! I personally never owned a TFDi for Flight Sim X but the YouTube videos (about a TFDi 727) were were promising and the visual quality superb, and they are the first developers that used some side window FlyPad “Electronic Flight Bag” to configure everything in the airplane.
(Edit: it was this 717 the YouTube videos were about: TFDi Design 717 - TFDi Design )

Here’s a better hint at what I mean - not the S-shape, the actual profile (shape) of the inlet opening. :wink:

The inlet is slightly oval and not fully round. But I don´t know why… :wink:

Bingo. :slight_smile:

The reason - per my late prof - was that the head of the propulsion group on the design wanted to make it oval because “it looked better.” In other words, his sense of visual aesthetics prevailed over the rest of the team who warned him it would reduce inlet efficiency and maybe cause issues with high-alpha flight. The design was later (smartly) changed to round inlets for better airflow performance all around.

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