WIII (Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, Jakarta)

Did a flight from WSSS (Singapore Changi) runway 2C at 37000 to Jakarta WIII. IFR Flight. I programmed the MCDU (A320 FS Liveries) for waypoints and set up flight at 37000 ft based on simbrief. I did not program the Arrival at WIII, since ATC will assign the runway and approach.
Following issues were encountered:

ATC never assigned me altitude more than 18000 ft. After about 100 nm, I cancelled IFR and climbed to FL370. Typically after reaching cruise I would activate IFR and typically this would work. As soon as “retried” Instrument FP, I was asked to decend to 19000 ft and subsequently to 9000 ft (about 100+ nm away). I complied.
Then ATC advised visual to runway 24. There are 2 parallel runways in WIII 25L/R and 7R/L. So I selected alternate approach and asked ILS 25L as Simbrief suggested. ATC approved 25L and said “side step to 24”. After handing to tower, tower told me side step to 24. Since there was no 24, I landed 25L.

That’s not correct, 06/24 does exist, documented in many sources and implemented in the simulator.


Wow. I stand corrected. I couldn’t see it in Jepps, maybe because it has no instrument approaches. Just checked it in Google Maps. Thanks a lot.

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