Wilga Bush Racing Series - Wanaka, New Zealand - FUN RACE EVENT

So it looks like the options are:

(114kts cruise) Cessna Super 170B Backcountry (Sal1800 freeware)
(115kts cruise) Pilatus Turbo Porter (Asobo)
(115kts cruise) Robin DR400/100 Cadet (Asobo)

(120 kts cruise) Sting S4 (FSReborn)

So the top three are a little slower, but have no realism settings
The S4 is a little faster, but has realism settings
So i’m not sure which you think would be better to bring; slower but no realism or faster with realism?

Whatever you prefer to fly really mate. The realism will only affect the Willy’s in a bad way with the shock cooling it suffers at one particular point around the course so that isn’t really a factor.

However, it is called the Bush Racing Series, so my vote would go with the Porter but that is quite big and heavy and we have some pretty narrow valleys to get through. How about one of the CubCrafters Xcubs? The Got Gravel modded one?

Or maybe Flight Design CTSL or Zlin Savage Cub. But really up to you :wink:

… or just buy the Wilga. :slight_smile: It is SO worth its price!


That is the correct answer :smiley:

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Unfortunately, the CubCrafters are way faster and the Zlin stuff is way slower (the GotFriends modded ones still fall outside the +/-3 that the ones i listed have)

I’ll probs just end up rolling a die to between one of the ones listed in my other post :woman_shrugging:

The Wilga is sort of like an ugly puppy. Honestly… is there such a thing as an UGLY puppy? No! Puppies are adorable. I believe the Wilga is adorable. It was “another” bush plane I “didn’t” need. I sort of felt peer pressured into buying her because I didnt want to be left out of the cool kids club. I do not, for one second, regret its purchase.


Zenith CH701 By SWS? (I grabbed that with the 80% discount fairly recently). That looks similar but I don’t know the speeds.

Fox2 by //42? That has 3 stages of engine power and the actual Freedom Fox to choose from.

But I don’t know what you have. Be a lot easier if you… you know… just picked up Wilma! :slight_smile:


I own Freedom Fox / Fox2. Love her but i think she may lack the “soul” for this circuit. I’ll try sometime this week and let you know how she does.

Question is whether Milon has it. You’re coming with your Willy!! :rofl:

Without doubt!

See you for the race later! Looking forward tons :slight_smile:


Important reminder - the race is starting at 7pm GMT - please check your local time as there is a mix up in the way the event was tagged here in the system due to US daylight savings after I created the event. It is probably 1 HOUR later than the time shown if you are in the USA!

EDIT: But I asked forum staff and it has been changed, so please do double check :wink:

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Will try to stop in if I’m not busy!

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Thanks to everyone that joined and made this such a memorable event! What a fantastic location!
We will be back here at some point in the “calendar” for sure :slight_smile:

Maybe we try one of the other track layouts (there are 4 different layouts in this mod).

Special thanks to @GotGravel for waking up especially to join us. Next time I will set it earlier so we catch you before bed if you are up for it lol

Here are some shots I took…

See you at the next one!!


The crazy german who sometimes feels like a boot in your … forgot to turn of the ol’ video camera:

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Defo there for the next one, was a real good time together!