Will Asobo be fixing flights not loading? ) XBox

The blue bar goes all the way to the right but nothing happens. I’m just sitting there eyeballing it… Trying to telepathically load the flight … But never loads😅

Will Asobo be fixing this at some point? It happens very,very randomly so not sure if it’s location specific or if online services are to blame.


You didnt mention mods. Disable all mods (ensure Community folder is empty) before testing.

Testing should be done on stock game with stock scenery, hope you find a solution.

Yeah I get this as well occasionally, all started since SU9 update.

Series X.


Search is your friend.

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Just a general notice:

Can people please see the Xbox tag I have next to each thread title I post? It would save everyone some time :person_facepalming:

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Thanks - I don’t use anything beta on my Xbox and prefer not to be on the insider program.

Was happening for me before SU9

It’s because the actual hot fix is not released yet. It will probs come out before the 25Th (top gun update) so around Monday or Tuesday mate . Be patient then we’ll be able to get on I think. It’s mostly guaranteed because they will be changing the actual game so when loading on you’ll be loading on to their “new” game which is the same but fixed. If that makes sense to you.

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Oh I must of been lucky then, as it only started with SU9 for me, I have read it’s a long running bug though. So far it’s happened about 4 times in my short time with SU9 update.

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Oh i didnt spot that sorry lol :man_facepalming:

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