Will Asobo integrate VR Controllers or not?

Is it just me or why do I have the feeling they don’t really care about VR controllers. I think VR Controllers are necessary for the right immersion in VR. For people who likes the mouse control more this feature can still stay but please add controller support.

  1. Asobo
  2. VR controllers support is on VR wish list and is marked as started.
  3. There are already many topics about it.
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Haha… sorry, of course Asobo. Auto corrected. :roll_eyes:
Yes, you are right there are a couple of topics but I can’t find any conclusion. It would be amazing if asobo just give a statement if yes or no. That would be easy and end this discussions. Or maybe I just didn’t find it!?

Putting it on the VR wishlist and saying they’ve started working on it is the official statement you are after.

They also briefly mentioned the work on it in the last developer Q&A iirc.

Thank you for this information. Didn’t recognized this. Sorry.

I always thought it’s a bit strange to use controllers for VR flying. Having to hold up the yoke or stick just feels weird.

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Nah use hardware for the yoke/stick and throttle quandrant. The VR controllers are for operating the rest of the plan systems…nav, autopilot, etc…its actually pretty immersive to reach for buttons and switches.

Some people never get used to it and never like it though. There is also the problem of your hardware/desk getting in the way. Anything at yoke level or below and you’re going to bump the desk reaching for it without a custom setup.


Right I see what you mean. You’ve also got to reach for your controller every time you want to change something. Though I can see the appeal of reaching for the actual controls in the cockpit. Would be cool if we could have a glove-like controller.

Sometimes in other games like X-plane or FS2 it’s quite nice to just be able to sit down and fly purely using the motion controllers, there’s various ways of doing it for the actual flight controls from physically grabbing the controls, using the tilt angle of the hand controllers, or just using the analogue sticks for flight surface control. Overall I prefer using the HOTAS etc and then just grab the controller to interact with cockpit for items you haven’t bound, but it’s good to have options.

Ideal would be hand tracking so that as you let go of the stick your hand just becomes tracked and you can reach for what you want. Obviously a glove with haptics would be another level on top.

The Quest 2 has pretty decent hand tracking, and there have been other options around too like Leap Motion… shouldn’t be too hard to integrate if they wished.

That’s how I’m doing screen shots…

It’s true that you have to reach for your controller every time you want to change anything, but as it is now, I have to reach for a mouse every time anyway and have a silly floating pointer in my face, so I don’t think reaching for a controller would be any worse.

Also, in many of my other sims that I use external hardware for (like racing), I either just let the controller hang from my wrist by the wrist-strap, or keep it on my hand using the “knuckle straps” (which keeps it stuck to the back of my hand while keeping the front/palm free to grasp a yoke or wheel).

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Vr controllers are a must. For me, honestly is very hard to impossible to turn knobs or hit buttons with the virtual mouse.


Be sure to vote on it here:


I agree
I got the VRFree gloves from sensoryx but I think that is necessary software from MFS 2020 and sensoryx of course!

I’ve posted this a while back already: