Will existing Orbx purchases be available on Xbox?

Hello. Every one not sure if this has been brought up. I have msfs on pc and Xbox. With orbx going to support Xbox, does this mean all purchases can be used on Xbox or will it be another separate purchase.

All Orbx scenery for the same version of sim are avail across all platforms, So no you do not need to buy again.

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Moved to #community:marketplace. #sdk-discussion:scenery is more for discussion of scenery modification with the software development kit (SDK). I’ve updated your title slightly to reflect the question.

If it’s available on PC and Xbox, only 1 purchase.
If actually on PC only and will become available on Xbox later, no need to repurchase.

Important: it’s only if you buy on ingame store. If you buy on Orbx Central, you wiil need to repurchase on Xbox.

Actual Orbx’s content available on Xbox:

  • EA-7 Edgley Optica
  • Alaska Mesh
  • Landmarks Dubai City Pack
  • Landmarks Singapore City Pack
  • Landmarks London City Pack
  • Landmarks Auckland City Pack
  • New Zealand Mesh

are the meshes any good or it’s a very subtle improvement?

Here is a link to their site.
Click on products from their upper menu, and select the region you want to look at.
They have plenty of screenshots.

Personnaly, I have only New Zealand, it’s a good improvement.

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If you buy an orbx product on the in game store on PC, that will be available for xbox and vice versa. Unfortunately buying away from that platform, either direct or elsewhere, means you need to rebuy said product on either xbox or pc.

Meshes wise, Himalayas is superb and so is new Zealand. if you are on PC you can get Iceland mesh for free.