Will I lose all my progress with a Clean install

Will I lose all my game data

Hi @xXxFTWxXx - All your settings are saved in the cloud and are associated with your Microsoft GamerTag. You should be just fine.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Settings and logbook entries were still there.


I was getting a weird CTD that I could not fix and had to reinstall. Other than two scares of it getting hung up after 10gb (it froze for over an hour both times, so I made sure it was actually stuck) It reinstalled without error the third time. It thankfully kept my controls I mapped and some other random things like traffic density for example. It did however, wipe all my graphic settings (no big deal, I just use high end with a couple of sliders up to ultra and some down to medium/low) and custom cams which were a pain to reposition.