Will in-game Marketplace Purchases Transfer from Steam to MS Store versions of MSFS?


I currently have the Standard version of MSFS, purchased through Steam, but am thinking about purchasing the Premium Deluxe version through the MS Store in order to get the 787 and some of the airports. It’s on currently on sale for $71 on the MS Store, vs $85 to upgrade through the in-game Marketplace. I primarily buy add-ons through third-parties, but also have some add-ons purchased through the in-game marketplace. If I purchase the Premium Deluxe version through the MS Store, will my purchases made through the in-game marketplace (in the Steam version of the game) transfer over to the Premium Deluxe version?


I do not believe so, based on this Zendesk article:

Additional content & marketplace purchases are not cross-platforms.
When you purchase additional content from the Marketplace or when you redeem an Upgrade (Deluxe or Premium) the entitlements are automatically redeemed onto your gamertag for that platform only.
If you own Microsoft Flight Simulator on both the Microsoft Store and Steam, you will only be able to access the additional content on the platform used to make the purchase, even if you use the same gamertag on both platforms.

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That is correct. They are not transferable.
Your third party external addons may work though.

Thanks all!