Will the Top Gun DLC contain a fighter jet?

Do anyone know if the free TopGun DLC will have an free jet fighter? I’m playing on the Xbox Series X so we are not able to download mods.

I don‘t know for sure, but what would be the point of a Top Gun themed free addon without its fighter jet (presumably an F/A-18 in this case)?

But I wouldn‘t count on a „study level“ fighter jet either - just something that is fun to fly around with and taking photos of airliners while flying upside down :wink:


It will. An F/A-18 & an experimental ‘classified’ type jet from the new film.

As it is an Official MS addition, you can be pretty sure that it will be part of the Sim, and uninstallable via the MS-Store for X-BOX users.

Do you really think that after all the work to being MSFS to X-Box, and the potential profit in doing so, MS is going to add a highly advertised Addition to MSFS, and NOT make it available to X-Box users. ??

I’d actually say it’s probably moreso to entice Xbox users than PC users. Of course everyone will likely enjoy it to some level.

Although I can’t wait to hear the cries of disappointment when people who were expecting to be able to dogfight realize there are no guns and all they can do with the expansion is fly fast and land on carriers.


You mean “fly fast and land on STATIONARY Carriers” – that may, or may not, have Magical wakes !!

Howver, if they can come up with Moving Carriers, that also have moving Navaids, that move with the carrier, then I will be “Impressed”.

Then the extra fun will be finding the Carrier before you run out of fuel !!

That would be extreme realism. That sounds like crazy talk to me…

Who you calling CRAZY ?

"“You Can Be My Wingman Any Time.” :sunglasses: <— Video Link to this quote in Top Gun

Top Gun Sequal <—Video Preview

FYI: Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to the '80s classic Top Gun starring Tom Cruise, will now premiere on November 19th, according to Deadline. It was previously slated to open on July 2nd — which itself was a delay from December 23rd, 2020.

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Go find the old game ‘Flight of the Intruder’ they had a moving ACC with the lights and call the ball and everything. It was such a good game they made a movie of it. If course it was such a good book they made a game of it.


what is funny is that the ‘TopGun’ expansion for MSFS is literally the same thing as the ‘Acceleration pack’ was for FSX…a Hornet and a carrier with traps and cats enabled
Don’t be surprised if there is a helicopter and sling load capability either in the ‘TopGun’ release or very soon after


They’ll just give you an F/A-18 you can look at in the hanger.

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screw the movie release the ■■■■ planes already. I don’t want to wait another 6 month for the jets (may, 2022). Looking forward to fly with them in VR.

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