Will we ever see a download speed / download management solution that is appropiate?

I am honestly sick about waiting for hours just for downloading a couple of gigs from the marketplace. Why can´t we download everything outside the sim and don´t have to wait for decompressing/verifying every bit with interrupting the download?

Is this really necessary in 2022?

Yeah, it also has ZERO resilience:

  1. If the connection hiccups for a moment, it restarts the whole download.
  2. If the connection hiccups while it’s trying to restart, the content manager hangs.
  3. If you try to quit MSFS while the content manager is hung, the program hangs.

Seriously, is this 1995?

I don’t like getting the updates from different sources.

  1. Let Steam do an update to the game.
  2. Sim is now checking for updates.
  3. Go to Content Manager and update.
  4. Go to Marketplace and update.

There needs to be an easier way.

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