Will we see over time any improvment of the AI


Is the KI still improving or is the AI on the state of the release date of the msfs?
Or have the devs made some improvements with the su updates to the ki? So that we will see some improvments of the Aprons/taxi lines etc?



For folks who aren’t familiar with the lingo, what’s KI?


Pretty sure that’s german for AI.

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Ah, then next question is “which AI”? From the mention of aprons and taxi lines I assume this refers to the initial placement of autogen items in creation of scenery and airports. As far as anyone knows this finished years ago and is not ongoing?

I don’t know of any plans to improve placement of those objects on a global scale. However, I believe there is a scenery gateway in the works that should address this issue, as well as well as custom and freeware airports.

I recall that X-plane had an awesome map that showed the status of every airport in the database.

we here in german call it “Künstliche Intelligenz” the short cut is KI

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