Will we see wing condensation anytime soon?

Hey simmers, do you think we’ll see wing condensation anytime soon?
Iv just had a fun weekend playing on x plane 11 again and forgot how good it actually is. High settings provide pretty realistic wing condensation, water spray from engines etc…
What’s your thoughts?


I doubt it will be soon as they have so many bugs to sort out and other things like the reno air races etc… to deal with .
I’d guess they’ll start adding more particle effects after they implement DX12

Do you mean this, the vapor effect?

Yes this is an effect I would love to see in the Flight Sim 20! The original icing effects from the early release days with huge parts of the plane freezung over, and wing condensation (I guess this effect has something to do with the dew point and humidity, it is often visible on civilian airplanes too).


Would be very nice, but i think this effect depends on the amount of moisture in the air?

If they implement it i hope they research it first, so it only happens in the right circumstances and not always. (like what they did with icing in the beginning)

Yes, FIRST, MSFS will have to start modeling HUMIDITY !!

Amazing the weather system in MSFS has got this far with Humidity and Visibility ( and RVR) being modeled,

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Just for clarification…

Vapour is produced when the air pressure rapidly drops below the air’s limit of saturation, producing the same effect as a cloud.

Condensation is produced when you pour an ice cold beer into a glass on a warm humid day.

Over-simplified? Yes, but you get the point.

Contrails and vapour trails are very similiar and I expect well within the capabilities in the sim currently. If they are implemented, I strongly agree that they MUST be done right or it will just be cheesy. IRL the kind of vapour trails you are depicting are VERY short lived and only exist in those limited zones of extreme low pressure during specific maneuvers.

It isn’t uncommon to see them appear within wingtip vortices, especially heavy jets, on takeoff. These can survive far longer and are a good indicator of wake turbulence, another effect that needs to be implemented.

Respectfully, I suggest editing your title to reflect a desire to see puffs of vapour on your wings and not beads of sweat on your beer. :wink:

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I think there already is to some extent. Though it is a weird blueish effect. I see it occasionally when there is a moisture layer. eg


Never seen that before. Maybe it’s a custom fx on the plane?

clean install, the only add-on is FBW +1 livery. I have over 100hrs playing… even with the dodgy flight log I have over 500 hours, and can say I have only seen this maybe 4-5 times. Custom installs wouldns’t show in my sim. Even the planes are generic when others use custom planes/liveries

In the vids above it was consistent with all craft as they passed through that moisture layer. I checked the weather and there was definitely a layer just over the runway. It’s why I went to the tower view with the drone, and sure enough… every airplane as it passed.

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The odds are high that on 7 September there will be a few more bugs followed by a few more hotfixes too!

Water spray from ground water is already simulated.

Ugh those LODs are being applied from the aircraft location, not the camera. Look at the runway edge lights…

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