WIN10 Preview Update Feb 4 2020 Prevents MSFS from starting

After a recent Windows 10 Feature update I received the following error message when trying to start MSFS. I uninstalled that update and restarted MSFS with no problem. The error occurred multiple times until I uninstalled the Features update for Win 10. I have not reported this to Zendesk yet. A few more tests to confirm before I report it. It could be something else but I am not sure yet.

I have uninstalled:
2004-OS Build 19041.789 and 20H2-OS Build 19042.789

I have reinstalled the update in question and did NOT get the same error. Unknown situation.

A significant error that needs to be immediately resolved.

Plot twist

MSFS used Flash for its rendering engine.
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A reinstallation of the Preview Update and reinstall of the latest drivers, seems to have worked. I am no longer getting the message at startup and the last couple of flight have gone without any issues.